Things To Know “Why Donald Trump Wants to Attack North Korea”.

Donald Trump Warns North Korea, Says”Fire And Fury”Not Tough Enough.

After North Korea Disclosed plans to fire missiles over Japan land near the U.S Pacific territory of Guam, Trump said the move would prompt”an event the likes of which nobody`s seen before.”

“Donald Trump” took specific aim at North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, saying he had “Disrespected our country greatly. He has said things that are horrific. And with me, He is not getting away with it “.

As Bad as things with North Korea right now, the situation will only get worse over the time. North Korea`s mastery of nuclear technology-meaning both missiles and nuclear devices themselves-is steadily improving.The country`s fifth nuclear test, in 2016, is estimated to be about 33 percent more powerful than the bomb that leveled Hiroshima. If its missile program continues unabated, North Korea will eventually be able to hit the whole of the United States.

Previously, the North has threatened th “Wipe out Manhattan” in the event of Conflict with the United States. This Threat is Empty Now,- But absent some kind of break of North Korea`s Nuclear Program, It may well become quite serious.

Hence why discussions about North Korea in Washington have taken on such an urgent tone. The United States wants to head off the growth of North Korea`s nuclear program becomes a threat to the Americans homeland, but right now it has no clear strategy for doing that.

President Donald Trump warned North Korea again on this Thursday not strike Guam or U.S Allies, saying his earlier

threat to unleash” Fire and Fury” on Pyongyang if it launched an attack may not have been tough enough. After North Korea Disclosed plans to fire missiles over Japan to land near the U.s Pacific territory of Guam, Trump said the move would prompt” an event the likes of which nobody`s seen before.

Trump said Navy Ships were Headed towards North Korea

An Aircraft carrier strike group that the Trump administration had warned was headed towards North Korea in a powerful show of Force has instead spent the last week thousands of miles away- and heading in the opposite direction. It was widely assumed that the carrier group was patrolling somewhere within range last weekend when U.S. officials feared Kim Jong Un’s military would conduct a sixth underground nuclear test or would try to test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time.

Anyhow, The U.S Ships have the ability to shoot down incoming missiles and launch cruise missiles of their own.

On Next day, Pyongyang staged a massive parade that displayed new missiles and had warned that it would counter a U.S attack with” a nuclear war of our own. ” The next day, the regime attempted to test a mid- size ballistic missile, but it exploded seconds after launch in the sea off the east coast.

On the same day, Navy’s admission that the Carl Vinson and four other warships were, in fact, conducting exercises in the Indian Ocean and were still in Indonesian waters as of Saturday has raised fresh questions about the credibility of the White House, which has frequently come under attack for making false claims.

The Trump administration cited the deployment of the naval strike force, which includes the carrier and four warships, as a clear warning to North Korea, which was said to be planning a nuclear test last weekend in conjunction with a national holiday.

It’s is now- streaming towards northwards and is expected to arrive in the sea of Japan, By next week, U.S Official said.


48 thoughts on “Things To Know “Why Donald Trump Wants to Attack North Korea”.

  1. Yes, maam it is not looking good and I am fearful, not a little bit but a lot. Model T just keeps pissing of Jung Un with his not very rational or smart remarks. It is my humble opinion that it is best to keep our mouth shut since many times that has proven to be the most effective way of dealing with anyone that is looking for a fight. It is best to keep the enemy guessing. Insults and threats most times are ineffective.

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  2. North Korea has kept USA on tenterhooks by resorting to Nuke tests and thereby openly threatening to wage a strike that spell doom for good. Whether he means it or not TRUMP is howling madly. Your analysis is sound and good.
    Thanks for following me .
    read my blogs and leave comments,

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  3. this is an important statement about our credibility as a nation. we’ve been unnecessarily bellicose in the past, but bellicosity with incompetence is a dangerous combination. ps: thanks for following me. I’m honored!

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  4. Bonjour ou Bonsoir
    C’est une joie
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    De revenir te voir et de joindre ce petit mot sur ton blog
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  5. It is hard for the public to know how real any given threat actually is because there is a fair bit of propaganda and sensationalism out there. However, if North Korea really has the capability to strike the US homeland, I don’t think appeasement is the way to go. At the risk of falling foul of the “reductio ad Hitlerum” principle, it didn’t work for Chamberlain in the 1930s.

    However, I don’t think fronting up to North Korea will work either. Someone like Kim Jong-un relies on “saving face” as one of the tenets of his leadership, and he cannot be seen to be constantly backing down.

    War is expensive for the taxpayer and costs too many lives, not to mention causing misery to the inevitable wave of refugees it produces.
    However, if the threat is as real, as we are being led to believe, I think action is needed sooner rather than later.

    (I say this as someone who has actively campaigned against other wars in the past. I really think that North Korea is a different kind of enemy.)

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  6. If N. Korea’s subs are capable of launching nuclear warhead arsenals, and have already been so armed, then they already have the capability to strike NYC and any location on the US map. They don’t need to invest so heavily in costly and difficult to prep and manage nuclear or even fissile hydrogen ICBM’s in a short term cold war with a potential to go nuclear within the for seeable future. It’s a total possibility that only a scant few in the media seem to be considering.

    Un seems to be trying everything he can do to insult Trump’s ego enough to provoke a preemptive strike out of childish pride. I sincerely hope that Trump and his aids aren’t as stupid, bloodthirsty and impulsive as Un may believe him to be. 7 billion lives and an already fragile ozone layer hang in the balance.

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  7. Hope Things Goes Right With This Suitation..Its an critical suitation I know and, you’re welcome:)@blondieaka


  8. An interesting and scary article and the comment that Kim jung un will not back down and lose face is an Asian trait and he most likely will not…Two loose cannons and that is the scary part…Thank you for the follow 🙂

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  9. whatever Trump says in regards to north korea, or any enemy of the U SA, may be intentionally misleading. As he has said before, he will not tip off the enemy, so they can prepare. Just pray whatever happens is survivable. prior presidents dealt with rogue North korea by paying it bribes. billions of dollars, to keep the peace. trump is not doing that.

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  10. I think we should consider the position of the South Koreans. It is them that Un wants to force to do what he wants or to conquer them. South Korea has a U.S. promise of defense but is there any American that wants to “take a nuke” for South Korea. I think the U.S. should provide the South Koreans with nuclear weapons and the control of them to maintain nuclear parity with North Korea. After all, South Korea is a sovereign nation and nations have a right to defend their people against aggressors.


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