''Few Steps Of Happiness''.

How do you stay happy all the time? Is it possible and is there any proof that these ways can work? In this post, I want to show you few steps for a happy life.If I say ”Happiness” what comes in your mind?

”Think Positively- ” Happiness is the precursor to success.”

I know Its Sounds like pie in the sky …there are lot of facts are impinging on your happiness such as stressors, hassles, successes, economic circumstances, relationships and so on, According to Research, it has been predicted 10% of long term relationship and remaining 90% is how you process the world around you. If happiness is on the other side of success, It is unlikely you will get there as you continually strive to get better grades, higher salaries and so on. According to Researchers, it is said that positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity, and productivity by as much as 30%. The secret is to use positive thinking now, rather than even you are rich and famous.

Trash All Your Negative Thoughts”:-

As I Have experienced some people are overwhelmed by their negative thoughts and they have real problems in getting rid of them. A University of Madrid study found that by actually writing these thoughts down on a piece of paper and then destroying them was effective. They recommended that you either tear them up, throw them in the trash or burn them, All on you!! The facts of discarding them physically do help in reducing their toxic effects. Psychologists suggest doing this on a regular basis.

”Treasure Your Experiences more than your possessions”:-

Thomas Gilovich, a psychologist at Cornell University has done quite a lot of research as to why it is better to treasure memorable and pleasant experiences rather than the material things we buy. Comparing Possessions and looking at better objects after purchase can be demoralizing and ruin the initial pleasure we got when purchasing and taking possession of that new car, t.v or another computer.

But Treasuring experiences is not nearly as destructive. They Belong to us, they are special and they provide longer lasting happiness. We should always aim to visit a new place or just go trekking. Local authorities should be able to provide the facilities in towns and cities so that people may experience more enjoyable and pleasurable activities, rather than building more shopping malls.

Write Things Why You Are Grateful”-

Feeling and thinking about the things you are grateful for as you wake up is a great way to build more happiness.

Research on our brain shows that we always tend to focus on the negative things of life like those worries, tragedies, failures, and discontent. Negativity is the default position. “We’ve got this negativity bias that’s a kind of bug in the stone-age brain in the 21st Century”.

This is why we need to focus on the good and more especially, we need to hone in on what we should be grateful for. There are various ways you can do this. Here are some idea:-

# When you wake up, remind yourself mentally of three things that you can be grateful for.

# Some people prefer to write down three things and keep the list to remind themselves every now and again.

# Use Twitter or Facebook if you feel inclined. Useful to remind yours follows that this does actually work.

#Express gratitude by phoning your significant other or by treating a colleague to coffee for their help with a project or task.

#Try giving back by helping a person or by volunteering for a few hours a week.

Practice Mindfulness”:-

What does mindfulness mean? It just means that you concentrate and pay full attention to the present and accept it in a non-judgemental way. This is now becoming a popular trend in psychology and medicine. When done regularly it can boost mood, reduce stress levels, and leads to a better quality of life.

Focus on the present moment means that you can savor touch, smell and other physical sensations but also happy feelings. Concentrate on the joy they are giving you. It is really effective forgetting about the past and not fretting about future, fearful scenarios.

”Dedicate A Little Time For Helping Others”-

People buy bigger houses, cars, and phones but it does not seem to increase their overall happiness in the long term, although it might cause a brief spike in happiness. That is short lived. Researchers have found that when we dedicate a little time or money to helping others, this has a significant effect on our own happiness.

”Focus On The Life You Want To Live”:-

It is said that

”The heart goes where the head takes it, and neither cares much about the whereabouts of the feet.”

We often talk about winning the lottery and where we would go and above all what we would buy. We might even talk about giving to charity. But we never or rarely talk about what our state of mind would be and how much happier and carefree we would be. This is why focusing on priorities to get the life you want to live is so important.

”Just Focus On Your Strength”-

Are you curious, open-minded or brave? How are you using these strengths to improve your life and that of others? These are keys questions but people who exploit their strengths rather than dwelling on their weaknesses are generally much happier.

Being able to realize our full potential through exploiting our strengths is one of the best ways of finding happiness to make the world a better place.

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  1. I like the quote that ‘the heart goes where the head takes it.’ How did I feel when reading this? I felt that I have a choice. If I’m present, my awareness of where I am in the moment keeps me mindful of how I’m feeling. Only I can adjust me. This by itself makes me happier!

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