''Human Who Are We''

Humans are unusual animals by any stretch of the imagination. Our special abilities, from big brains to opposable heart have allowed us to change our world dramatically and even leave the planet. There are also odd things about us that are, well, just special in relation to the rest of the animal kingdom. So what exactly makes us so special?

”Extraordinary Mind Or Spiritual Soul”

Without a doubt, the human trait that sets us apart the most from the animal kingdom is our extraordinary brain with Spiritual Soul. Mind And Soul are two concepts that are closely related yet very distinct from one another. They both come from the inner part of the human being, particularly his brain and maybe his heart. The soul is the spiritual nature of humankind. It is the incorporeal essence of humankind, and it is thought to be separable from the body at death. In life, it is credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion.

The Mind is man’s faculty of thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge. It is a human consciousness that starts in the brain and is manifested through man’s thoughts, actions, emotion, will, memory, and imagination. Emotion like desire stem from our souls. Desires are aimed at things that go away and die but at the same time will give us pleasure. Our minds are where we decide how to take pleasure, what we should do to achieve it, and how it should be fulfilled.

Most religions consider the soul to be man’s divine of the God-given essence. While some religions believe that the soul will exit the body after death other believe that souls exist in all living things as well as in non-living things.

The soul as the essence of the person decides how a man behaves and this essence is an eternal part of our being. It is comprised of; the mind, our emotions, and our desires. The idea of the existence of souls is more closely connected to spirituality and religion.

What Science Says About It?

For scientists, the soul is synonymous with the mind due to the fact that one can learn about the soul by studying the human brain where our minds are located. Still, others believe that the soul is closely related to being alive and that when a man is active, his soul is asleep; when a man is asleep it is active through his dreams.

The mind, on the other hand, is used to refer to the individual’s thought process of reason and consciousness. It is synonymous with through which is an individual’s private conversion with himself that is done inside his head.

Some Psychologists believe that emotions like love, hate, fear, and joy are separate from the mind because only higher intellectual processes like memory and reason can be part of the mind.

”Things To Remember!!!! To Change Your Life!!!!”

‘Thought’, which allows an individual to shape the world and deal with it to achieve his goals, plans, and desires.

‘Memory’, which is a living organism’s ability to retain, store, and recall information.

‘Imagination’, which is man’s ability to create ideas about certain things and experiences.

‘Consciousness’, which is man’s ability to perceive his relationship to his environment.

Soul N Mind’, It is the spiritual nature of man while the mind is man’s faculty of thinking and reasoning. It is considered as the essence of man while the mind is in charge of man’s consciousness and thoughts.

‘Desires’, Our desires stem from our souls while our minds decide what actions to take in order to achieve our desires.


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25 thoughts on “''Human Who Are We''”

  1. I could hear ethereal music playing in the background as I read your post. I recently taught a fascinating seminar on the heart as the seat of thinking, feeling, and being. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Thanks for the well written post!

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  2. You have right for having your views but please no bullshit about science. “For scientists, the soul is synonymous with the mind due to the fact that one can learn about the soul by studying the human brain where our minds are located.”
    Scientist do not believe in any kind of soul. For science, you are dead when your brain is dead. Nothing to do with soul.

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    1. Ya i do respect your feedback But i do believe in energy because i have experience this energy flowing through the soul to my mind connecting myself to do something essential for humanity…our whole universe is just filled with energy , As you know you just have to feel this energy to share this, this experiance is not written anywhere just can be feeld when you let everything go and just focus on you objective towards humanity, which science cannot be able to explain, I think im just sharing my thought with deep respect toward science as being a science student, i have a deep connection to interior and exterior part of it..this thoughts are not hurt people but to help people 🙂 Thanks …Please keep visiting and do share your feedback!! your feedback is essential

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      1. Sir, with due respect, i am not telling that you have not experience soul. When i was kid i meet with Santa-clause. Inside my mind i can believe that he is real. Problem arises when I wish to convince everyone to believe what i believe. Moreover, it will be dishonest to say that following are scientist views on santa and I list down whatever comforting me. My only objection was please do not associate soul with science. Science does not confirm soul. It is religious hypothesis that we have soul.

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      2. I just wanna put my word is all scientist were dreamer.everyone soul and mind were interconnected thats why discoveries took place over the time.it’s the matter how you see the things… That your thinking but it’s my believe my friend 🙂

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      3. Faith or believe do not need proof or evidence, but science work on evidence and proof. That’s the major difference. The first step to correct your mistake is to recognise it. Thanks for your time and reply. Have a nice day.

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      4. Last thing wanna share remember the last word Stephen hawking said before he died,… British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking schmoozed with popes during his lifetime, even though he was an avowed atheist. The famous scientist, who died Wednesday in England at 76, was often asked to explain his views on faith and God. 

        He said during an interview with El Mundo in 2014: “Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe. But now science offers a more convincing explanation. 

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