''Joy Of Living For Others''

What Comes in Your Mind If I say the term ”Good Life”.

For Some, it’s earning enough money to lead the life they want to live, A Nice Home, or a big family, or the ability to travel the world. For others, it means creative freedom, supporting a cause, or dedicating life to helping others.

”The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others.” ‘Mohandas Gandhi’.

”Why Does It Feel So Good To Help Others”?

The act of helping others is, in fact, an energizing and fulfilling act. Helping others evokes gratitude, and research has stated this naturally instills health and happiness within us. It also helps to create a social bond.

”Living For Other”

Don’t You Think ” We are far too easily fooled.

You see, many will try to define success, greatness, and happiness in terms of winning out over others, having power over others and having the ability to dominate others. The lust of power is common and widespread in humans- the power to order others around, the power to make decisions that will impact others, and the power to own when others cannot. Many see the world in the form of a pyramid with the ones on the bottom serving those on the top. And people long for that top spot because the world promises joy to those who sit there. Success, Greatness, And Happiness are found there…. In winning out over others.

”Benefits of Being A Helping Hand”

  • We become more fulfilled, more complete.
  • We find true happiness.
  • We deeply understand the real meaning of life.
  • Becoming Bigger than Ourselves.
  • A better sleep at night.
  • Respectfully giving back to those who served us.
  • Make your world a better place to live.
  • Find Greater Relationship.
  • Try to experience having a real love.
  • We receive far more than we give.
  • Finding a pursuit than the material things around us.

Hope these changes bring a better one from you 🙂


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  1. I truly feel great when I help someone. Something small can change a life. Feeding a homeless man can keep him alive, donating old clothes to the shelters help keep people warm, giving your time helps charities keep going to help thoes who need it most. I cant afford to help a bunch and i am disabled but if i see someone struggling i will alwaus try to help or come up with a resource for them. A suggestion when helping anyone in the us is call 211 for them. 211 united way can help feed, cloth and shelter. They will point you to the nearest place that can help with lifes most basic needs.

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  2. Very informative:) thank you for the info and really appreciate for giving time to read my blog :)@theunfairjourney


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