”Live Your Life To The Fullest”

The desire for fulfilment is universal. From the moment we born we recognize within ourselves an insatiable hunger for more of life. We try to grasp onto every experience, enjoy every relationship, and maximize every opportunity. Yet even as we strive to fill our lives to the brim with adventures, we are never fully satisfied. You don’t have to look far before you run into a topic of living life to the fullest. Living a full and satisfying life is at the top of our inborn priorities, and yet it seems to be a goal that is impossible to reach completion

”Insatiable Design”

It is not a matter of chance that humans not only seek to survive but actually thrive. This desire to live rather than simply exist is what separates us from animals, and it is one of the many ways in which God made human being unique. We were created with the ability to feel emotions, and the hunger to grow and learn because we were created by God in his own image. God is the creator, source and definition of life and it is these characteristics of him that cause us to be creative and drive us to live enjoy and treasure life.

Recieve God’s powerful love-

God’s love is the essence of who God is, and his love is far more powerful than your circumstances or feelings. You can count on God loving you completely and unconditionally at all times and in all situations. God’s love is a free gift to you, so you don’t need to try to earn it. There is absolutely nothing that can separate you from God’s love, so you can’t ever lose it. Choose to base your hope on God’s love rather than on anything less than that. Open your soul to fully receive God’s love for you every day.

”Trust On God’s Goodness”-

God’s goodness is part of his character, so you can rely on his goodness in any situation. Incorporate regular giving time to god into your daily life, Can help to stay closely connected to God and keep his goodness at the forefront of your mind. When you encounter challenges, that brings your problems to God expecting that God will intervene to help you solve them, at the right times and in the right ways. Keeping in mind that God is always at work in your life, so something good can be happening in you at the same time even when trouble will be slapping you hard in life. Invite God to accomplish good purposes in your life; He will use even the worst circumstances in your life to bring about good when you trust him to do so.

”Tap Into the Holy Spirit’s power”-

Either You are Buddhist, Or Christian Doesn’t matter, ”God has given you the incredible gift of his spirit within your soul. Turn your attention to the Holy Spirit’s presence within you by regularly clearing your mind of what distracts you from God and seeking to enjoy God’s presence with you in the routine rhythms of life. As you seek to walk in step with the Holy Spirit, You’ll learn to recognize his voice speaking to you. As you listen to the spirit speak to you and yield your will to his, He will empower you to live a life that reflects what’s best for you.

”Change Your Mind By Changing Your Life”

Renew your mind daily by spending time reading, studying, meditating on, and applying God’s word. The more you read the more you get to know the God, the more it will impact your attitudes, which will help you make wise decisions that will lead you to an abundant life. Before you read any spiritual book, start by praying that God will help you be and do what he wants, as he calls you through his word. Expect God to change you from the inside as out when you interact with him through the spiritual book you’re reading or meditating.

”Choose faith instead of Fear”

Its natural to feel fear, but whenever you’re afraid, you can choose to respond with faith rather than focusing on the fear you feel. Every time you catch yourself feeling afraid of something, you pray about it, asking God to intervene in the situation and it gives you peace about it. Control your thoughts by shifting your focus away from what makes you feel afraid and towards the God truths that remind you of God’s promises.

”Never Give Up On God”

Keep renewing your faith in God as you move forward, especially when your faith is tested. Refuse to quit trusting in God, no matter what circumstances may come into your life. Remind yourself of who God is and experience his love for you in fresh ways every day by spending time with him meditating or reading spiritual books. Pass God’s love along to other people by serving them as he leads you, expecting him to bless both them and you in the process. Keep taking risks that you sense God calling you to take, believing that this will lead you deeper into the abundant life that God has planned for you. The more you remain focused on God, the more you’ll thrive in life.

Does this mean I’ll always be happy?

Happiness is one of the many emotions that we have been given by God and we can accept it as one of his good gifts. However, like any others emotion, it is dependent on circumstances and can quickly vanish. It fades when your child becomes sick, when the career of your dreams turns out to be the world’s worst job and when you age at an ever-increasing speed. God may not guarantee us constant happiness when we begin a relationship with him, but he does promise to be an ever-flowing source of joy. Joy knows and reminds us that our security is in our restored relationships with God and the eternal life he has promised us. It comes with knowing God and based on his faithfulness.

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