''How We Make Things Happen''

At some level, each of us has always known that we have attracted people, things and events into our lives based on our thoughts. The recognition of that is in our daily speech, such phrases as: ”What you put your attention on grows, ”Be careful what you wish or pray for, etc.

A thought is a quick, light, mobile form of energy that manifests instantaneously. It is now time in our evolution to consciously embrace our divine nature and to truly experience what has always been promised to us: ”Ask, and it shall be given to you. ” For me, manifesting is an active form of prayer in which we are more consciously is an active form of prayer in which we are more consciously aware and focused. It is what many call ”co-creating.”

As many of us now know and understand, we are along with the rest of what we see and experience, made up of a miraculous interchange of vibrating waves of energy. when we create something, we always create first in our thought form. One law of energy is that energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to attract the energy of a similar quality and vibration. Another important law of energy is whatever we put out into the universe is attracted back at us: ”As you sow, so shall you reap. ”Which means, whatever we think about the most, believe in the strongest, expect on the deepest levels, or imagine the most vividly about, shall be our experience.

I would like to briefly offer an outline of my interpretation and suggestions as you move towards a clearer understanding of manifesting. We know that our thoughts and feelings can alter our energy fields and influence the collective experience of others. We are in a constant state of co-creating with the Divine whether we are conscious of it or not. Some early books which described the process of manifesting were oriented to obtaining more possessions and satisfying the ego’s desires. I believe this has been a necessary experience for us in the previous millennium as we begun to recognize and appreciate our ability to co-create. However, as we evolve our understanding and remember who we are and our purpose here on earth, we can begin to consciously manifest our gifts that each of us brings. This paradigm shift along with this higher energy can now focus on transforming the world and ourselves for a higher purpose that reflects and expresses our soul’s desires.

”Here are a few tips as you venture towards consciously manifesting”

*Know that you unconditionally deserve love, attention and miracles because you are a perfect creation of God.

  • Find time to be quiet. Amidst the clutter and chatter of our minds and everyday life, it is very difficult to listen to the gentle massages that our souls give us. Many people have lost touch with the inner direction that we are constantly afforded. It is then no surprise that we do not know what our true desires are. We are then left to listen to the constant demands of the ego, which eventually leaves us disappointed and feeling empty. Throughout the day remember to breathe and remember your spirit.

  • Instead of getting caught up in what you have created in the past, you can decide right now, at this moment, to start creating more of what you want in life. You don’t have to seek anyone’s approval or permission in order to claim your divine birthright. Your divine inheritance is abundance, peace, and your ability to create what you want. Your soul knows that these things make up its true existence. Choose now to accept these things as being part of existence at the personality level. For as you bring more of these qualities into your own life, you will be serving the divine by making it easier for others to follow your examples.
  • It important to set Goals. Discover what you specifically want to create in your life that serves to bring you joy while serving others in some capacity. Do not focus on what you don’t want or what to get rid of in your life. Remember, what you put your attention on grows. However, be a little flexible and allow the universe to guide you along paths that may bring you more than you have asked for. It is perfectly natural for goals to change and evolve as you grow and evolve.
  • Visualize achieving your goals and experience the feelings, like it has already happened to you. Remember that we operate within the time/space illusion of the physical world. However, within our Sacred Space, there is no such illusion.
  • Continue to send your creation positive energy. Outside your meditation times, you can focus on your goals in a clear and relaxed way during parts of your day. It’s important not to feel like you are striving too hard for it, or put an excessive amount of energy into oy, which leads to hinder things rather than help.

*Let it go. let go of your desire to control or affect the specific outcome. Once you get an intuitive feeling that it is developing into a certainty, stop asking for it. Develop a faith that the universe immediately conspires to construct your vision, which happens in a way and a time that is for your highest good. We need to recognize that our attachment to the outcome comes from our ego. Our soul intuitively knows that we are never separate from our creator, and everything we need is streaming towards us, now and forever.

*Be aware of the guidance you are receiving that follows the manifesting process, and be willing to follow it. If you are feeling stuck, ask yourself; ”What guidance have I received that I’m not following? ”Guidance comes in so many different ways which usually follows a pattern, such as ”stumbling” across a book at the right time, a message that directly speaks to your condition unknowingly delivered by a friend or stranger, a song, a feeling, etc.

*Be Grateful. Many of us don’t stop to recognize the blessings we have in our lives in this moment and acknowledge that what we have in our lives right now has been created by us. When we put our energy into recognizing our gratitude, we honour the creative process that we are a part of and develop a sense of reverence for everything in our lives. Gratitude raises our energy to a higher vibration, thereby enhancing our ability to manifest.

*Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance from the spiritual masters that you relate to, such as angels or your guide, Jesus, Buddha, God or Goddess, etc. Think of yourself as a team member within the spiritual realm. All members of that team are working and helping to achieve a common goal.

*Remember, everything you need to fulfil your purpose is inherently in your reality right now. Be patient and loving to yourself as you discover your power and connection to everything. Most importantly, remember that soul cannot fail!!


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  1. I learned from a friend of mine who plays Bridge that you can place cards by really thinking hard about the card you need. I use that same mental energy for many things in my life, from finding parking spaces at the mall while Christmas shopping to career advancements, my children regaining their health and all kinds of other things. It really works but imagining a positive outcome must be done energetically and with sincerity. Great post!!!!

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