What Does Evolution Of AI Means To Humanity?

The previous Post On AI was more about Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and all invention of robots that have come the closest to overcoming the uncanny valley.

This post is more about the evolution of AI, And it means to Humanity and Other Life!!

“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

So, Any intelligence is good. If you do not have natural intelligence, then artificial; if you do not have organic intelligence, then synthetic. But any intelligence is good if it is intelligence. Suppose the walls of your house turned out to be intelligent ones, is it not fantastic? The only thing is, if they get smarter than you, you may feel a little insecure! Otherwise, having a lot of intelligent things around you is a great blessing.

Only somebody who wants to be the smartest person around will feel insecure if all the things around him become smarter than him. Otherwise, it is such a blessing. If you had a pen which could write what you want without you touching it if there was a phone that would say what you want to say without you having to say it, would it not be nice? Any intelligence is good.

Without intelligence, there is no truth. Lies have not always happened because of deceit. Lies have also happened because of ignorance. Intelligence, intelligence, and intelligence is the only solution to make truth mainstream.

The Robots are Coming!

Especially, as external technologies grow, suppose robots start doing all the work you are doing now, what are human beings going to do? They are already talking about robots that will win the football world cup by 2050.

Your thoughts and emotions are also something that can be artificially created. Some time ago, some researchers set up a computer to test how people can have relationships with computers. Many people had a wonderful relationship with this computer over email, not knowing that it was a computer. And it was managing this with twenty lines of vocabulary.

Technology is moving in a direction where artificially, a computer will be able to think a million times better than human beings because thought is fundamentally computing. Data is assimilated and then it comes out with something sensible from that. As computers evolve, a computer will be able to do this far better than a human being. This evolution is not even going to take a very long time. It will happen in a short time. Then there will be no value for human thought. All the thinkers will be out of business!

But that is only intelligence. That is not consciousness. Our thought, our emotion, these have nothing to do with consciousness. Once everything is well, what are human beings supposed to do? Human beings are supposed to be joyful, blissful and do something that no mechanical thing can do. A robot can do everything that you can do – except it cannot meditate because there is no consciousness. So, ultimately, only meditators will be employed!

“As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership.”


21 thoughts on “What Does Evolution Of AI Means To Humanity?

  1. Agree. It’s always good to have intelligence. Some of us are worrying that robot intelligence is a threat to human. However, undeniably, we still need this intelligence to enhance our world. It is a difficult conflict to solve.

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  2. Seems that with just the smart phone getting smarter, people are getting stupider. Like walking in front of cars, falling off cliffs, and into trains while they’re staring at the phone. Darwinian?

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  3. What an interesting post. When one thinks of evolution, first thing that comes to mind is the evolution of planet earth, when we were nothing more than particles in space, waiting to form a planet. Your post take us down a different route, evolution of artificial life forms so to speak.

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  4. Definitely your post sheds the light on an important factor and aspect of AI. But…..
    Will it really be happen in Future ??..
    I mean to say that, the current atmosphere of our world where we live is just turning into the atmosphere of World War III. Rytt??..
    So, What exactly Will happen first ?..
    What do you think??…

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    1. it can or cannot it depend on humans like us… i think if we provide all our human capability to robots they won’t be robots anymore … they will know what we know ..no douth they are highly intelligent and powerful and have a capability of dominance …so have will have nothing to do here… i think better we stop experiment on our own graves 😦 sad to say but its true

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