''Past Life And Zodiac Sign''

Past Life Connection

Past life has a huge role to play in our present life. We carry 70 percent soul imprints from our past life experiences and it is from those experiences, how we function in our current life situation. Similarly, the Zodiac Sign we belong to in current life is also an imprint from our past life, a follow up to be precise – amazing, right? So, what Zodiac Sign was you in your past life?

Aries Past Life

If you are an Arian in this life, you must have been a Piscean in your previous life. As a Piscean, you would have been all for the masses – being there for people who most deserved and needed you. Deeply connected with your spiritual self and with a deep intellect that would rankle many to their core. Now as an Arian you must learn to strike a balance and to face the challenges head on that will sway you from the path of being selfless for others.

Taurus Past Life

Taureans never-ending thirst to achieve has sure come from an Arian making in their past life. You were definitely a fighter in your past life. Anger that was an overwhelming personality trait of yours kept you sane through the difficult times and not ripping you apart on a bad news. As a Taurus, today you are calm and living in the moment. You do not lose yourself and unchain yourself at a drop of a hat.

Gemini Past Life

If you are a Gemini, you were most likely a Taurean in your past life. In your past life, you were a person who cared much about people and about having a sane conversation, and about the world in general. In this life, however, you will be facing mental challenges – where you will be in a constant battle with self, the challenges make you think critically about the future. Just do not ever sell yourself short of things you desire.

Cancer Past Life

You were sure a Gemini in your past life if you are a Cancerian in this lifetime. Before you became the water sign, you are today, you hardly paid any heed to what became of you or what happened. You couldn’t care less about the consequences and to what became of you in future. But today, you understand things so much better and know the importance of having a family.

Leo Past Life

If you are a Leo in this life, you must have been a Cancerian in your past life. Your decisions were fear based as it seems you were afraid of your own demons and couldn’t afford to lose anything even if it meant sacrificing yourself. However, today you take charge of your life like a Lion and are very confident about everything that you do.

Virgo Past Life

Being born a Virgo, you must have been a Leo in your past life who couldn’t see past their own nose and was obtusely self-centered. However, this lifetime for you is to strike a balance as you see past this rigid side of you. You make people happy wherever you go, spreading smiles and laughter like confetti!

Libra Past Life

Born as a Libra in this life, you must have been a Virgo in your past life. Virginians have a need to necessarily sacrifice themselves for others and for good. They do not look out for themselves. So, it for your soul to take a lesson and strike a balance to harmonize everything in your life. You will balance out everything in your life.

Scorpio Past Life

You were a Libra in your past life if you are born a Scorpio in this life. You were trying for every ounce of your being to balance everything out in your life for yourself and for others. At times, you were too focused on self. As a Scorpion, you look forward to strengthening your relationship with others and you have a fiery passion for connecting with others.

Sagittarius Past Life

If you are born a Sagittarius in this life, you were a Scorpion in your past life for sure. The entire time that you had dedicated to investing in building and strengthening new relations. Today, you have all the tools with you to pardon your wisdom to others. You will find new and creative ways to get along with people all the while you let your free spirit roam the earth for eternity.

Capricorn Past Life

If you are a Capricorn in this life, you sure had all the makings of a Sagittarian in your past life. All the fun that you had exploring and wandering – you gained much from your experience and in this life, you are ready to commit, commit to your career, yourself and your relationships. Getting things done is what you prioritize today.

Aquarius Past Life

Born as an Aquarius in this life you must have been a Capricorn in your past life. With all the hard work that you threw yourself into exhausted you of all that you once had to yourself. It is all the responsibilities that you took upon yourself that has gotten to you. As an Aquarian, however, you just want a nice vacation and find your essence. You will find happiness in your freedom and you will also know when it is time to come back home.

Pisces Past Life

If you are Piscean today, you had all that could make an Aquarian live in your past life. You were very much a happy person who could live by their own rules and not ever really having to worry about what might happen next. Today, however, you wish to heal much and want to achieve the greatest good for humanity. You are somebody who can mend feelings and emotions, the world has been waiting for you.

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