” Limitless Life And Technology ”

”There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.”

We are fortunate enough to have been born during the information age. If you are reading this right now, you are doing this on a device that few of us could effectively describe to people who lived even a hundred years ago. Go even further back, can you imagine explaining your iPhone to a farmer in medieval times?

We have the world, literally, at our fingertips. Unlimited access to all of the information known to man. Free online seminars. Downloadable books. The ability to connect with the world’s most successful people directly on social media. Yet – I feel as though much of this potential is squandered.

We use what is arguably the most powerful tool ever created in order to…waste time at work and watch cat videos on our phones. We are taking a tool designed for productivity and allowing it to make us less productive.

We have no excuses and infinite possibilities. We have the resources that we need in order to live a limitless life, and there are reasons why we should take advantage of them.


* You have an Unprecedented Opportunity to be Yourself

Thanks to the internet, no matter who you are or what you’re into, you can be connected to someone else like you. Someone else with the same interests. Someone else with the same passions. Someone else with the same challenges.

You can, for the first time ever, be assured that someone, somewhere, will accept and understand you. Before the internet, if there wasn’t someone who understood you where you lived, there was really no way to reach out and connect with others. Now, you can spread your wings.

Of the billions of people who have ever lived and died on our planet, there has never been another you. You are a biological and evolutionary miracle unlike any other. Embrace it and own it.

* You Don’t Need to Pigeon-Hole Yourself

The landscape of the workforce is changing. You have more opportunity to learn and apply more things to the job you work or the business you own, than arguably anyone else in history. You have unlimited access to success stories, educational materials, and tools to help you along the way. You don’t have to just be one thing anymore, if you have the ambition, you can be and do whatever you want.

* You have the Ability to Change the World

This reminds me of a story many of us have heard. One of a man walking on the beach with his son. There were thousands of starfish that had been washed up onto the shore. The son began to run along the beach and throw them back into the water to save them.

The father stopped him and said “What are you doing? There are so many of them, that will never make a difference.” The son looked up at his father and said – “To that one, it will make a difference.”

You may not change the entire world, but you can change the world for one person. If each of us did that, would the entire world not change by default? We all have this opportunity to create lasting greatness every day, no matter how small the act.

These uncomfortable, sometimes confrontational moments in our lives are the exact times that our destiny is shaped. These are the universe opening the door to greatness and testing your courage to walk through it.

You can Reject the Concept of Being Average

The world doesn’t need any more average, but don’t ask what the world needs. ‘Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs, is more people who have come alive.’

How dare you lead a life of silent discontent while a fire burns inside of you.

How dare you take the infinitesimally small odds that your birth even occurred and squander your years here on earth by settling for average.

Of the billions of people who have ever lived and died on our planet, there has never been another you. You are a biological and evolutionary miracle unlike any other. Are you really going to allow your one chance at this beautiful life to be summed up by falling somewhere in the crowd of mediocrity?

* You will Never have Regrets

Leave all the cards on the table. To look back at a stash of potential that you never used will be to be plagued by the thought of who you could have been. Who you could have been if you had just taken that one chance. If you had just gone for that job or approached that girl. If, if, if…

By living a limitless life, you will replace the “I wonder what would have happened if” with “I’m so glad that I did.”




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  1. Yes we do have a powerful tool here at our disposal. Unfortunately the surface web has the minds of the masses. Luck for you and me we can dive deep and find the diamonds 💎 and endless treasures this power told has offered us. I’m hopeful.

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