”Looking At The Urge To Fast Forward Life”

”Life doesn’t come with a REWIND, fast forward or PAUSE BUTTON. Once it starts it PLAYS until it ends or until you press STOP.”
it’s a good time to reflect on time itself. In the movie Click, the main character gets hold of a remote control that can let him fast forward or skip unpleasant times. In certain situations, we’ve all had an urge to fast forward past a moment. In fact, for many, this is a very frequent desire.

One may want to rush through his work to get home. Then he gets home only to want to rush through helping his child with homework. This desire to fast forward is embodied by a sense of being a little (or a lot) on edge. These are times of unease and irritation.

Wish you could fast forward and see if things will work out in the end.

It is useful to put that desire to fast forward under the microscope. If one takes an honest and careful look he sees that this sense of uneasiness is not just dependent on what you are doing. Rather it has more to do with your state of being. In essence, the desire to try to fast forward our lives creates this feeling of unease. In contrast one can act efficiently and quickly, but with a sense of ease.

Unless you have the magic remote control from the movie Click, you cannot actually fast forward time. This is a good thing since if we could skip parts of our lives before we knew it, life would be over. Since we don’t have the magic remote control, it leaves us with two choices: unsuccessfully trying to make life move faster, or just enjoying the activity you are doing right now.

Whether you’re taking out the trash, or doing paperwork, or whatever else, let go of your desire (and thoughts) to fast forward and enjoy what you’re doing at this moment! John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Try to fast forward and you miss it!


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