”The Truth About the Universe and the Spiritual Self”

When you experience life equally from all directions, you experience natural life, true life.

”You become the center of the universe because that is what you truly are. The universe is infinite in all directions, so no matter where you move, you will always remain in the exact center.”

You may be saying that this is a good way to look at it, but it is more than that because it is the truth. It is the only true way to look at the big picture of life.

When I walk, I am not just walking on the street. I am walking through the center of my own personal universe, and I do not miss much of what is coming to me.

The Bible was right; we are at the center of the universe. Galileo, Kepler, and Copernicus were also right from the mind’s perspective, but from your own perspective, the only perspective that really matters to you, you are at the center of the universe, and that is the only place you can be in an infinite universe.

First step: When you realize that you are the center of the infinite universe and always will be, you realize how special you are to God/life.

You are always at the exact center of life, the center of God’s attention. All life that comes to your center is just for you and no one else. You are living in your own unique universe; everything in the infinite universe is just for you.

Living with the awareness that you are the center of everything is the first step people take to becoming a spiritual being.

This is because it is the easiest thing to do. You can do it with your mind the way it is and with other people around. Most people can do it right away. Try it right now, and you will see what I mean.

You will see you really are the center of the universe. You will see that life really is coming from every direction, and no matter what you do, that never changes. Stay aware that you are the center. Do not let anyone or anything draw you out of the center. Instead, draw them in along with everything else.

The womb: When you were first born, your center was at your navel, because that is where physical life came from through the umbilical cord. In your mother’s womb, you felt life evenly around you. Your head was no different than your feet.

The minute you were born, you started breathing and opened your eyes; your consciousness started to move up towards your head. In a few years, your life was mostly in your head. As you become a spiritual being, you start going the other direction; you get back in your body and get in touch with all of life again. The nine months you spent in your mother’s womb was the closest to heaven you have ever been in your current body.

I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born.
Henry David Thoreau

It is downhill from the time you are born because from that time on, you became more out of balance and less and less aware of life. Life is semi-good until you reach the age of ten, then the mind really starts taking control of your life. You begin to know more about the truth, but less about the life. The goal of life is to get back into balance with the truth and the life.

You live more from birth to age of ten than from age ten to one hundred.

The older you get, the more out of balance you get. You are never close to divine balance again until you die and are in the womb again, or until you become a spiritual being and live in God’s womb. It is a better balance because you also know the truth you had to learn. It is the balance of a spiritual being.

God’s womb: A spiritual being experiences pure life, even purer than when you were in the womb of your mother, and it lasts forever. It is the goal of all life.

You become pure of heart as it says in the Bible. Heart refers to the center of life, not your heart that pumps blood. The whole universe is God’s womb, and you are always right in the middle of it. Once you become aware of the fact that you are the center of the universe, your consciousness/spirit starts to pull down out of your head. The more it does, the easier it becomes to live outside your mind.

The mind does not have near the hold on you outside your head. Just stay in the center of everything, and everything will begin to come to you as the drawing on page seven shows. Take the first step, and reclaim your true position in life.

 “One who knows everything else, but who does not know himself, knows nothing.”

The next step is to become what you truly are, to know yourself and to be yourself. When you know your true self, you will know God/life at the same time.

The mind barrier: The very mind that has made getting to the threshold of heaven possible is now the only thing preventing us from taking the last step, the final step in human evolution. The drawing on page seven makes the beast visible. It is a self-portrait, a before and after portrait.

 “I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind.”

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  1. Being centered, to me, means staying connected with the All That Is, which is the station of each of us. As for ages 10-100 being more difficult than the first decade-well, in some ways life is harder. In other ways, I treasure all that has happened to me, in the nearly six decades since I was ten.

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    1. Life is hard but not I’mpossible… I too have seen a lot of hard days …but it is life you know.. Between 10- 100 we deal with lots of new experiences from going to school to till building you dream home ..but if we see life from other side we find family, friends, love, emotions , memories …so on which makes us understand the real value of life..help us to deal with hard time…and make you believe you can do it there is nothing impossible in this world ,:)

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