”Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today”


”Never let a day pass that you will have cause to say, I will do better tomorrow.”

Imagine the end is nigh.

You’re staring death square in the eye and can hear the final grains of sand slipping through the hourglass of your life, bringing your journey on earth to a close.

What do you think about? Who or what preoccupies your final thoughts?

Perhaps you think about all of the people you wish you’d reached out to; all of the experiences you’d wanted but hadn’t quite gotten around to?


What would your one real regret be?

Would it be the time you wasted on the things that never mattered to the people that did? Maybe the cold shoulder you’d given your wife after a silly argument? The grudge you’d held against the best friend that once let you down?

If we were all lucky enough (yes, lucky) to catch a glimpse of our last moments, perhaps it would become clearer to us how important it is we make the very most of NOW. Our lives have an expiration date; we’ve known that all along. Yet too many of us live as though we have forever; slow, cautious, fearful, hateful…

Ask yourself, with a gift as unpredictable and fragile as life, do you really have the time for negative energy?

Life is short. It’s time you accepted this, not with fear or sadness, but with hope and celebration! If we choose to, our mortality can be our greatest strength. It is what gives us urgency, purpose; it is what drives us to squeeze every drop of love, laughter, and life that we can out of our very existence.


Choose to be happy, not right.

Be generous with your love, never stingy. Mind the ones that matter, never the ones that mind. Be who you know yourself to be, never what somebody makes you. Most importantly of all, laugh.


Every day you are living is a miracle.

But wouldn’t it be an even bigger miracle to have the gift of foresight, to experience those last thoughts, those last moments, for a chance to make the changes now that you’ll regret not doing later?

You’ve no doubt heard of bucket lists, perhaps you already have one? But think about this…

Rather than focusing on what you want to achieve, why not focus on how you want to feel? The person you want to be?

A loving father, a kindred spirit to your husband, a best friend, a teacher…?


I challenge you all to imagine if you were to have a close-call with death.

What would you change? What would you get done today that you haven’t already because you thought you’d be here forever? What would you change about your relationships, the way you give and receive love in the world?

Don’t die with a fistful of regrets; but soaring, with eyes, arms and heart wide open!


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