”Meditative Mindfulness: Clear Your Mind ”


”Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”


Did you know that the simple act of freeing your mind from distractions can greatly enhance your health, creative energy, and productivity? A clear mind is the easiest path to greater accomplishments in life – both personal and professional.

Just as a clean environment, free from clutter, removes disorder and promotes harmony, a clear mind provides the same benefits, by replacing the chaos of anxious thoughts with lucidity, peace and greater focus.

Clearing the mind instantly soothes emotions, releases negativity and heals the effects of stress. It breaks down subconscious mental barriers that can sabotage goals and dreams, allowing you to replace them with new, empowered thought processes.


A free mind is the mental, emotional, and spiritual equivalent of a clean slate. Once you have cleared the pallet; you determine where your thoughts and energy are redirected. You gain control of the mental processes that define your experiences in life.

Imagine yourself being in full control of your destiny, by simply knowing how to clear your mind and redirect your thought processes at any given moment.

Meditation is the best tool for this purpose. Your mind will be free, and you will experience the full range of benefits that clarity provides.


21 thoughts on “”Meditative Mindfulness: Clear Your Mind ”

  1. I always envy people who are able to completely clear their minds. I ve tried meditation plenty of times. And never wasn’t able to let all my thoughts go away completely. Maybe I will succeed one day 🙂

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