”Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction”


”Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction” Isaac Newton

Everyone is looking for a way to improve their situation in life. We’ve all had these feelings: “I need more money,” “I’m lonely,” “I wish I had a better job,” “I wish so and so would just leave me alone!”

But worst of all, most of the time we may feel completely powerless to change our circumstances. And while there may not be a simple solution to these problems, a careful study of this law, also known as the ‘law of cause and effect,’ may reveal some key insights into bringing about meaningful change.


Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Newton’s third law of motion tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In physics, this means that when an object collides with a target, there is an equal force going into and away from the target at the same time. The law of Karma generalizes this rule to all areas of life, beyond just physical motion.

When a person exerts a force on another part of life, that force will go into its intended target, but it will also return back to the person. We experience the truth of this whenever we give someone else an encouraging word or a helping hand. We send out a force of compassion towards them by what we say and do and instantly we feel that same compassion in ourselves in the form of a good feeling.

When we send out positive energy to others, we cannot avoid the inevitable return of that good energy back onto ourselves. Sometimes it comes back right away, and other times it may take a while, but it will always circle back, and that is the simple and inevitable law of Karma.


Make It Work to Your Advantage

Once we understand the law of cause and effect, the next step is to use it to our advantage. After all, if we know what kind of energy we want to receive, then we can attract it by simply sending out that same kind of energy ahead of time.

For example, if we know that sending love to others will make us feel loved, then we can take a big first step to ending a cycle of loneliness by sending out love to someone else. And if we know that tolerance towards others will create a situation where others are tolerant towards us, then we can try and be more understanding and begin healing a difficult personal relationship.

Most importantly, when we are grateful for every opportunity that we have, and we strive to make the most of whatever life has already given us, we guarantee for ourselves that life will send back to us yet more opportunity. Understanding the power of this cause and effect sequence is the key to making the law of Karma work to our advantage.


We Are Accountable

Ultimately, what this law of cause and effect teaches us is that we are accountable for our actions and for our own circumstances. If we are in a difficult place in life, the burden is on us to find a way to attract the energy that we need to get ourselves out of the situation.

If we are lacking, we must find a way to give away more of ourselves. If we desire greater opportunity, we must find a way to show life that we are making the most of every opportunity that has already been given to us.

The law of Karma tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the question is, what actions are we willing to take to create the reactions and life circumstances we truly desire?


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  1. It’s true – you get back what you put out, so if you don’t like what you are getting – change what you are putting out. It’s a great way to become conscious of what indeed you are projecting! Works every time! Thanks!!

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  2. I have certainly experienced each one of the thoughts you mention, at the beginning of the post. My job, this year, is certainly better than that of last year. The other thoughts linger in my mind, surfacing from time to time. The Law Of Attraction, though, is very much active in my life.

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