”Secrets To Perfect Life”


”Don’t you know that every perfect life would mean the end of art”
There are many elements to a beautiful life. Work that you love, travel that inspires you, hobbies that make you laugh, and even adventure that pushes you to the edge.

But at the end of the day, what really matters?

What are the few items engraved in our DNA as human beings, that encompass everything?

In my experience, we want to make life so complicated. We want wealth, passion, purpose, health, and joy. But we’re idiots. We want the things that truly matter, yet we chase everything that doesn’t.


 I have a wise mentor who taught me that immaturity often demands perspective. We need to look at life differently. It leads me to one of my favorite positive quotes.

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the food I want to eat, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.”

So here they are, the unmistakable, unchangeable, secrets that truly create a perfect life:



We can’t escape it. For some, it causes joy, for others pain. But the family is more than blood. It’s those who are greater than friends. Those who have remained with us for years, even decades. They have chosen to do life by our side. These people are the ones who truly bring us joy. Let’s not forget that. Instead of investing in a hobby, in a project, or in a job. Let’s invest here.


I follow a few neurological blogs (I know… how boring), a scientist from Yale University confirmed our minds are unmistakably designed for community and love. Friends offer both. Think about the happiest moments of your life, who was there? We spend so much time searching for happiness when it can likely be had in a simple conversation with a good friend. Call them, today.


Without our health, not much else matters. About 6 years ago I got very ill. I was diagnosed with an inner ear disorder which caused extreme dizziness for months a time. It was horrible. I became depressed, anxious, and borderline suicidal. It made one thing very clear. Without our health, life is short, depressing and hard to enjoy. But this is an area where many of us dig our own graves. We eat poorly, we don’t exercise, we take prescription medicines that treat symptoms rather than heal the problem. Let’s fight for our health. Go for a walk. Buy organic food. Go vegan for 90 days. Whatever it takes to protect this precious element of your life.

Food (and drink)

We can’t live without it. We were clearly made for it. It’s a source of joy and community for the human soul. Like anything, it can be abused. But let’s talk about a healthy value of loving food. I think there is a reason Jesus chose communion (which means a community with food) as his way to be remembered. We have been created with an amazing ability to taste and to even feel different ingredients. Food is what brings us together, it heals us, and it provides a way for us to survive. Never feel bad about investing in quality food with great people. It’s these moments that make up the best times of our lives.



Now I know all of you might not agree on this one, but that’s okay 🙂 – For many of us, faith in a Creator does not make us weak, it offers us a connection, community, joy, safety and most of all, purpose. For me personally, my faith has offered me incredible transformation and consistency. By knowing what I believe it allows me to create a life that aligns. It helps me through the toughest times and provides me a supernatural ability to love people. If this is something you desire, reach out to God. Get to know him. I believe it is wiser to live as if there were a God and find out there wasn’t than to live as if there is no God and find out there was, What items have pulled you away from what really matters?


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