”Being Alone Isn’t Actually A Bad Thing, So Stop Fearing It”


”Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.”

Being single has its pros and cons, but one thing’s for sure: it’s not the end of the world. If one of the reasons you haven’t ended a relationship is because you’re afraid to be alone, that’s normal. A lot of people feel that way, but it shouldn’t be the only reason you stay with someone. The thought of being on your own can be scary, especially if you haven’t been single for awhile, but people do it every day, in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people doing it right now, and they’re just fine. Happy even. A lot of things in life are scary at first, but you do them anyway. You figure it out, and you adjust. Because that’s what life is about.

YOU AREN’T REALLY ALONE JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE SINGLE.What about all your friends, family, and even coworkers who love you? Do they mean nothing? Not having a boyfriend doesn’t not mean you have nobody at all. So appreciate the people who love you unconditionally, because they need your attention too.

BEING IN A BAD RELATIONSHIP IS A LOT SCARIER.Think about it. Would you rather deal with the stress of being in an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life, or wake up every morning, refreshed from a good night’s sleep, without a single guy-related worry on your mind? Simply being in a relationship, regardless of who you’re with, does not solve all your problems.


‘SINGLE’ ISN’T A BAD WORD.There’s no rule that declares being single bad and being in a relationship good. It all depends on how you look at it and what you want for yourself. We’re all on different paths, and there’s no reason to see being single as a negative thing.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF.Just because you’re single doesn’t mean no one wants you. People aren’t looking at you and going “ew, she’s single, what’s wrong with her?” Being single by choice is perfectly legitimate, and it means you’re comfortable with who you are, and don’t need anyone else to define you.


IT’S IMPORTANT TO LEARN HOW TO BE ON YOUR OWN.Even if you’re in a relationship, you still need to have a life outside of that. If you’re comfortable being alone and capable of filling your free time, you won’t rely so much on your boyfriend/ girlfriend when you do have one, and that’s what a healthy relationship is all about.


YOU’LL HAVE WAY MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF.What’s scary about being able to watch all the reality TV you want, getting a great night’s sleep every time, and never being obligated to go to family events you don’t want to go to? Sounds pretty great to me.

YOU’VE BEEN ALONE BEFORE, AND YOU’LL BE ALONE AGAIN.No one is in a relationship their entire lives. But still, we spend so much time pining after what we don’t have that we forget to appreciate the great things about being single. You won’t be alone forever, so stop obsessing and just live.

YOU’LL BE SO BUSY FOCUSING ON YOURSELF THAT YOU’LL BARELY EVEN NOTICE.Admit it, your career, friendships, and relationships with your family could always use a little more attention. Throw all your energy into those things, and stop making dating a priority for a little while. Then you’ll see that life in the single lane isn’t so bad after all.


YOU’LL BE AVAILABLE WHEN SOMEONE GREAT COMES ALONG.If you’re too busy trying to save a failing relationship, you aren’t going to see the great guy who’s perfect for you when he’s right in front of you. We all have baggage, but it’s a lot easier to transition from single to dating than it is to go from in a serious relationship,

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17 thoughts on “”Being Alone Isn’t Actually A Bad Thing, So Stop Fearing It””

  1. Incredible post. Truthful and poignant. So many scared people tiptoeing along the top of the cliff face looking down into the unknown, afraid to take that leap. I empathise with them. Great advice from bloggers such as yourself, layer by layer will add to their padding of hope and trust and one day they will jump. No, lets change that to feathers and flight. Soaring above their problems and leaving them behind. Padding can come later in the form of fleeces and hot chocolates on their peaceful sofas xx

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    1. Ya but think in other way example you have a dream …being alone help you to concentrate much to succeed your dream..and ya having nobody hurts sometimes but everything has a time just wait for a moment who knows you must be having someone in life other just dream of…so don’t rush and don’t stop believing in yourself…


      1. I already have someone in my life but when I was alone I was sad. I had dreams and realized them but there was nobody (including family) except the money that was the result of the dream. I reached the ultimate point in lonliness

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  2. Agree. Being single and being lonely are not the same thing. One can be lonely in a crowd. One can be lonely in a wrong relationship.

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  3. ‘If you’re too busy trying to save a failing relationship, you aren’t going to see the great guy who’s perfect for you when he’s right in front of you’

    (sigh) 5 years of doing just that. Of course it was an extremely complicated and delicate relationship, but still…
    I adore being alone. I am never bored, always learning and entertained. The company of others is always appreciated, seldom sought. It may be the ‘situation’ that some see themselves in. There they are, without a companion in a sea of 7 billion people. The situation can certainly appear dire from that point of view. It is a difficult path to be on, and a trecherous one. There are some, even those that I know, who do not know how to be alone. And when the time comes that they are not, the desire to possess grows stronger by the day.

    I like your view of independence.

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  4. I was in a great relationship for 29 years, then Death came. It’s amazing to me, how many times I’ve been asked: “Why don’t you date ……….. She’s available” As you aptly say, it’s not about filling space. I am happy with my life, and will date, IF I meet someone with whom I have a MUTUAL attraction.

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