” The Lost Art Of Silence.”

”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


When was the last time you took a moment, in public or otherwise, to stop and take a look around in silence? No cell phone, no computer, no one else by your side. It’s a busy, stressful, complicated world out there and for me, it has been ages.

A moment to myself in silence has never even crossed my mind lately. But something I saw this week made me think about a quiet moment alone and adding it to my weekly schedule.

We live in a very noisy world. It’s a truth you don’t often realize until you find yourself in a quiet place. Silence is almost deafening. It feels awkward and unnatural. But I’m beginning to learn that the art of silence is life changing.

For as long as I can remember I have slept with a fan on. The reason I do is not to keep cool. It’s so the room isn’t completely silent. I’m not sure when I started doing this, but I have come to live by it.

After spending the day exhausting my mental energy, I crawled into bed and closed my eyes. That’s when the terrifying realization hit me. The room was deathly quiet! I couldn’t fall asleep without some noise.

What was I to do? The air conditioner was not loud enough. The TV never puts me to sleep so was not an option. Oh, boy…the silence was going to kill me.

It finally hit me that I had a noise-making app (because there’s an app for everything) which helps you fall asleep. I turned it on and before I knew it I was in dreamland.



Our lives are a lot like my sleeping habits, aren’t they? We move so fast all of the time that when we are faced with silence it’s almost hard to bear. It’s not always our fault. The culture we live in almost forces us to move at breakneck speed and looks down upon margin and being still. It’s hard to battle against, but I believe it’s important that we do.

Whenever I take time, to be still and embrace the silence, I always gain so much strength and wisdom. I slow down enough to let my life, and someone to speak to me. Through meditation or through simply choosing to be silent, I open myself up to what is actually going on inside of me. That’s a scary thing to do, but oh so vital.

Wow, what an idea and one that I never thought much about! It’s always in the times I slow down enough to quietly listen that I learn the most about myself and the world around me. It’s in those moments I believe in a creator who has made everything allow us to speak instead of just rushing through my day, hoping he intervenes on my behalf.



So here’s a challenge for you (and me) today. Let’s take a couple of minutes and let the silence in. Turn off the music. Shut down your phone. Allow creator to speak to you in the quiet of the moment. It will be tough and your mind will probably wander. That’s ok. Just allow yourself to enjoy the lost art of silence.


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