”What Happens When You Immerse Yourself in the Sound of Silence”


”By simply looking into the sky, which is vast and totally empty, serenity arises.The blue sky beyond the clouds is not an object; it is infinite and pure emptiness.”

I’ve heard the sound of silence loud and clear. It arises in the sounds of my house early in the morning before anyone awakens. I hear the hum of the central air conditioner or heating unit, I hear our dog move, I hear a bird outside chirping, I hear the pen move across my paper. As I listen to the sounds of the early morning, they occur and fade away, occur and fade away, again and again. A slight humming is heard in the distance, a ringing from inside my head, a sound coming from my own ‘inner ear’, the internal sound of silence.  I didn’t seek this sound of silence, it just arose in the quiet discovery of an early morning before my family wakes, before the noises of the day, before the cacophony of thought and life rush in to mask it…



That sound of silence held an infinite source of love that transcended my life. It is a sound that reflects the ever-present connection of love across space and time. Perhaps if we each attend to the sound of silence, anchor to it more often, we might know the extent to which we all share it.


As Been a follower of Buddhist philosophy, It’s only when the mind is silent and you are absolutely calm that you can hear the sound of silence and often suggest it as an object of meditation, just like the breath may be used.

Being totally thoughtless may be the toughest thing to do but it is the only state in which you can listen to the sound of silence. This is the only sound which appears when all your thoughts are gone and your innermost core is drenched in serenity, calmness. Aum is a symbol of silent music in the inner being full of bliss. If one reaches that state, transcending the mind, dropping all thoughts and instead becoming a watcher of the mind, the silent music will surface within. In the painting titled Serenity, the fragrance of pure silent sound has been depicted through the symbol of Aum,  omlabelledthis is the inner controller, this is the source of all, and this is the beginning and the end of beings’. the spiritual science of the Self and the ultimate Truth for logicians.’ the delightful sound of Aum vibrating within you is the ultimate truth and it plays only when everything else disappears from your being and you have become calm. But you cannot reach that state by simply chanting Aum as a mantra, because the mind is still functioning when you are repeating it.

There is no need to repeat it but simply be silent and listen to it.As your mind becomes calm and quiet, suddenly you will become aware: like a whisper, Aum is arising within your being.When it arises on its own, it has a totally different quality.And the moment you are able to hear it, you have entered into the very secrets of existence. You have become so subtle that now you deserve that all the mysteries be exposed to you,”


And, this moment of serenity is the fragrance of meditation. It is born out of absolute emptiness with no desire for anything. Serenity has to grow in meditation as Zen Master Hung Chin says,“Silently and serenely one forgets all words, clearly and vividly that appear before him.When one realizes it, it is vast and without edges, in its essence, one is clearly aware.” ‘In the meditation, I found the moment where my body and mind were dissolved.The beginning, the end, and middle, all were the same, an ecstasy I will never forget.’simply looking into the sky, which is vast and totally empty, serenity arises.The blue sky beyond the clouds is not an object; it is infinite and pure emptiness.


And, just looking into the emptiness, you will simply be a mirror, without reflecting anything. There will be no desire and since the mind cannot function in the emptiness, just looking into the empty sky, all thoughts will disappear and serenity will start flowering, you will become just like the sky. ‘Listen to the primal soundless music of Aum that is vibrating within the body.’This has a deep meaning.The serenity arises, the soundless music plays only when you are empty, thoughtless and totally devoid of desires. The serenity is the Buddha and the Buddha is the serenity. In the vast emptiness of the Buddha, God appears, flows through your being, playing the sound of silence.



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