”This Realization Is The Key…”


”External nature is only internal nature writ large.”

Swami Vivekananda

The world is suffering because of pollution. There is no point in shouting from the rooftops that carbon emissions are rising substantially. Every individual can act with the realization that his actions can make a difference in decreasing pollution levels across the world. This realization is the key. If each of us decides to act, it will make a difference.

If we do not act now, we will end up destroying ourselves. Already the number of people getting sick, who require treatment for diseases caused by air and water pollution, is on the rise.

To respect nature, we have to learn to accept ourselves. Scientists keep reminding people of global warming, of glaciers melting. But has that led people to lead less ostentatious lives?  No, nothing has changed.


It is only when people realize that each of their small interventions is going to make a difference, little by little, that they will begin to act differently. Each of us can start by planting trees, saving water, walking or using a bicycle whenever possible. We are planting trees in the compound and in all the surrounding areas.

Each of us must start with our immediate surroundings. First, start by keeping your room clean. If we want to change our surroundings, we have to first change our own lifestyle.


Pollution level in Delhi, India:-

Every year, there is so much smog in and around Delhi. Other cities in India are also getting polluted. Look at how the rivers in India have become so dirty. Let me remind you that nature knows how to act by itself. She knows how to balance things out. But when she creates a balance, this balance could go against us.

The present practice whereby the natural flow of rivers is being blocked or water diverted in huge quantities – all these go against the laws of nature. This is because the natural flow of a river is like the network of veins in our body. When we begin re-channelizing the flow, it could adversely impact the riverine system and its surroundings.


If we are going about changing everything in nature, we are going against the natural flow of energy on this earth. It is important not to block energy sources. Often, people pretend to be what they are not in order to please others. We cannot go against the laws of nature.

Technology has taken over our lives and people have stopped thinking for themselves. They have allowed their brains to get frozen. They seem to forget that they too are part of nature.

This complete denudation of nature must be seen against how our freshwater resources have begun to shrink substantially. All this will affect the world sooner than later. We must never forget that this could happen. And once that happens, we will be in serious trouble. Water is a basic requirement.


I recommend to everyone who has the means, that they must have a garden however small it may be. In this garden, we must grow an Ocimum tenuiflorum or Tulsi plant as it helps to purify the air. A garden reminds us of the need for us to respect nature. Each of us has to make a contribution to the planet and we need to start doing this right away.