”Cosmic Or Universal Consciousness”


“Enlightenment is living in the light of cosmic collaboration.”

To see consciousness in its purity is to experience what is called universal consciousness (Ed: ie, cosmic consciousness), to experience the mind as pure consciousness. When you experience the mind as consciousness, it is also knowingness, the very element of knowledge. Either the individual consciousness has to go through the ego dying and then be reborn as universal consciousness as we have described, or individual consciousness must expand to become universal consciousness. It is as if space experiences space, rather than someone experiencing space, and it is limitless. It is difficult to describe what universal consciousness or what the mind as consciousness means because there are no thoughts in it. The moment there are thoughts, the content separates you from the consciousness.

The Universal Conscious mind, by some called the super-Consciousness or Universal Consciousness, is a very important concept to grasp. It is that awareness that exists within each and every Soul.

It is the pattern imprinted on the mind, waiting to be awakened by the free will, of the awareness of Soul’s oneness with the Creator.

This awareness is ingrained, or pre-built into the mind, and when awakened by the right use of free will, the person realizes his oneness with the Universal mind.

conscious_universe720_01This Universal Consciousness, works something like an instinct? It is already there inside us; it just takes the right stimulus to bring it out. It is the same with the Universal Consciousness.

The Universal Conscious mind in all of us is the portion made in the image of the creator, as recorded in Genesis. It is that portion of us that is God or godlike.

The Universal Conscious mind is separate from anything earthly, and only makes its presence known or is knowable when the Soul-self lifts itself and portions of the conscious mind up into the vast, expansive level that is the super-conscious.

If we want to awaken the imprinted pattern of that awareness, we just need the right stimulus. In this case, the right stimulus is the application of our free will in a specific way, by being unselfishly loving. And this is what is so hard for most people.

This is what we want from and expect of other people, but we seldom like to do it ourselves.

tumblr_ogywf3gP2E1sypuuko1_400The Universal Consciousness is a Soul pattern that exists within each soul because all Souls, including the Christ Soul, were created in the same mold. The Christ Consciousness, incidentally, was created as a pattern for all others.

The Christ Soul never forget its oneness with the creator, yet voluntarily went through cycles of incarnations and got lost in materialism. It did this to be able to consciously find its way back to a conscious relationship with the Creator.


A soul is the developing portion of our whole nature. It is ever changing, growing and learning, and uses free will to explore, create, test, discover and more. The soul is the ultimate companion to the creator, a true companion because it has the free will to choose whether to be a companion or not.

The Soul is also uniquely able to bridge the gulf between the spiritual realms and the physical realms, between our divine, godly self and our earthly self-consciousness. The mind of the Soul is the subconscious.


It may operate independently of the Universal Consciousness of the Creator. (At least, it is allowed to think it does. After all, there is no way to actually be outside of the whole.)

Or, it may act in harmony and conscious at-oneness with the Universal Consciousness.