”Everything in the Universe is Within You”


”Everything in the Universe is Within You”


Every state is in me. In this sense, the universe is within oneself. But it goes beyond that. “Everything perishes in His Face” — this means basically that everything is within the Divine. If the Divine and the self is one, then everything is within oneself.

It has been said we dwell in an infinite sea of energy. We are energy beings first and physical beings secondarily. Those of us who strive to be conscious of our true selves and of the true nature of the universe has the ability to become clear of the blockages and distortions in our energy field that prevent us from experiencing our Beingness.

The clearer our field becomes, the abler we are to tap into infinite guidance from many levels of existence within us and reaching far outside of us.? There are many ways our fields become distorted and blocked, EMF and wifi being among them.

The Pulsors have an activity in subtle energy fields that is literally able to change and amplify the vibrations of people and environments making it possible to clear away distortions and blockages preventing us from experiencing the fullness of who we are.


Why the Universe Within You is So Important:-

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it… does it make a sound?

Sound waves are emitted, yes. But there’s no actual sound.

That’s because the sound is something that is heard by ears (or some other recording device). It’s when a nervous system recognizes sound waves, that actual “sound” is real.

The sound is something co-created by external sound waves out there, and a person’s internal nervous system. It doesn’t just come from out there; it comes from within you too.


Reality comes from within you:-

As the brain-body co-creates reality. Something is only real to you when you can experience it through your physical senses. Reality isn’t something that objectively exists “out there.”


Reality is created from within you:-

Take color perception for example. Colors aren’t “out there” in the world. It’s light waves that exist out there. It’s light waves that enter your eyes, to then stimulate cells in your brain to “see” certain colors depending on what wavelengths come through.

It’s the same principle as the tree falling in the empty forest. Sound doesn’t come from the tree (only sound waves do).

The sound is inseparable from the experience of the brain perceiving/hearing those sound waves. Color is inseparable from the experience of the brain perceiving/seeing those light waves.



Pay attention to how you co-create your reality from within:-

When trying to lead happier and healthier lives, people get hung up on the reality “out there.”

They try to control their environment, control their future, control what others do, and what people around them think and feel. But they’re looking to change their reality in the wrong way.

To change your reality for the better, you have to pay attention to how you co-create your reality – from within.

You have to be mindful of your personal narrative, your beliefs, and attitudes, all of your emotions, and your assumptions and expectations about the world and your place it.

Because first of all, you can’t always change external things no matter how hard you try. You can only choose your responses to life.

And secondly, if you ignore what’s going on inside of you, you won’t be able to choose your responses to life in sensible ways. Because what’s going on inside of you — guides how you behave.

You have to know what’s going on in your inner universe if you are to gain any bearings in life at all. If you are to even think about creating your life as a mindful construct.

The universe within you — which is made up of your personal narrative, cognitive networks, personal constructs, and so on — shapes the way you experience and the way you perceive and interpret that experience. Meaning it co-creates your life experience. one way to be more mindful of your personal narrative, your beliefs and attitudes, all of your emotions, and your assumptions and expectations about the world and your place in it — is to start capturing it through writing (audio recordings work too).

Now, if you’re really sharp at this, you can start to notice these things in your daily conversations just by paying closer attention to what you say to others and why. But that’s big league stuff, it’s easier to start out with just you alone.

In capturing your “raw” thoughts and feelings through writing, you can look to them as clues for what’s really going on inside your head. You can also view them in a concrete way, which is really important.