”Magic Moments in Life”


”There is real value in sharing moments that don’t live forever.”

Evan Spiegel

There is magic within each moment but not because of its content. It is often easy to overlook the moment in itself due to a world of diversity. I was suddenly overcome by memories as I listen to music during a rainstorm. This triggered thoughts and emotional patterns relating to the rain. There were memories of a fireplace, reading a book, sharing time with someone and a candle.

It first felt as if I was experiencing these memories in that instant. Thereby I realized that the magic of any particular memory was not then but now. The mind is a vast storeroom of memories and anticipations that have nothing to do with this moment. Therefore we often become perplexed due to a memory or memories and not because of the current situation.


The unfolding of any experience can initiate memories. These, in turn, will ignite a chain reaction of thoughts that are nurtured by emotions and conditioned behaviour. This can cause a person to remain unconscious and oblivious to what is happening now. We remain in a state of being that is more an illusion than a reality.

The moment is now but human content associated with memories, thoughts and conditioned behaviour is often interpreted by the mind as being real. The magic is beyond these superficialities regardless of how genuine they may seem. The mind implants a false image or images of isness onto the current situation. Then it tells us that something is happening; although it is only mind-made.


Magic Moments are Happening Now
The minds projections are usually so vivid that we are unaware of the real magic that is possible at the moment. The benefits of realizing the now are both immediate and long-term. Responding to the moment, as a whole, (oneness) expands awareness and allows you to see beyond all the content abstracts. This will additionally allow a portal to remain open between an object and universal consciousness.



Memories will eventually develop from within this field of awareness as a state of consciousness instead of object content conditioning. This will result in experiences that are mostly free of thought manipulations and restricts. You will spontaneously see yourself, the world and universe from a clearer perspective of unification; not separation. This is the magic of life and you are the magician.