“Consciousness Creates Reality”

“The physical universe is but a small part of God’s Creation. But this remains for you to learn, and you have a greater journey and a destiny here. But you have to allow your mind to expand, your eyes to open and your ears to hear if you are to gain this greater preparation and understanding.”

It’s probably no surprise that most of the elders endorsed the idea that faith and spirituality are important to a happy life. But there was a very wide diversity of beliefs. Some people were involved in mainstream religions, whereas others had developed their own spiritual perspectives.


“The whole universe is our being. We are just flowers of different colors giving a beautiful variety to existence.”

It’s very important. There’s a vast difference between spirituality and religion. I feel that I have a very close relationship with the total power of the universe, that we give the name God because we don’t know what else to call it. And I feel that it’s very important to maintain that connection to the universe, to the total power. And that little flake, the little tiny bit of the power that is within each of us, that is light, is a real connection.

“How else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts? You cannot actually be separate from God. You cannot actually be separate from Spirit. You can only hide in your own thoughts and weave them together to create a separate identity and experience for yourself which, though quite demonstrative, are in fact completely an illusion.”

It’s a bit strange, I had never heard anybody else explain the feeling of the total universe as I see it. The stream of eternity, no beginning, no end, flows on. And that is the sum total of all power. And every now and then a little flake of that power breaks off and goes into a vehicle like us. And as it travels along this highway, this detour, there are potholes, hills to climb, decisions to make, go this way or that way, and eventually, the vehicle wears out and the little spark returns to the highway. So I’m continually seeking to be in harmony with that power. You know that when you feel good inside yourself about what’s happening. And when things are falling into place for you.


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25 thoughts on ““Consciousness Creates Reality””

  1. Real talk, this is deep. Humans have lost the depth of the true spiritual nature The Most High, and the great I Am has given to us all. The kingdom of heaven is within us..forwherever your treasure is..there your heart will be also. Love this post, beautiful.

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  2. Oh the illusion of thought! I fight with my little ego voice every damn day haha. But I feel like I’m starting to win the battle! It does help to think about the fact that there is no separateness from God. And if we don’t doubt His power, why should we doubt our own?


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