”You Deserve Happiness, Not Self-Sabotage”

”I Think Its Time To Be Happy Again”

Depression and deserving happiness

One of the complications of depression is that the depressed person starts to believe that he doesn’t deserve to feel good and so take it as an excuse for not help himself.

This, in turn, lets his depression become even more intense!! Depression usually happens as a result of losing hope in solving an important problem that the person is facing. The problem with a limiting belief such as “I don’t deserve happiness” is that it allows problems to accumulate even more and so add to the intensity of depression.

Did you ever try to challenge the belief of not deserving to be happy?
Couldn’t it be possible that you are a victim of a limiting belief that you have acquired?
Why did you accept such a belief without digging deep into its roots?

Are you afraid?

In so many cases the fear of moving towards your goals can motivate your mind to play a trick on you to prevent you from ever trying to reach them. By convincing you that you don’t deserve to be happy your mind can actually achieve the goal of preventing you from trying to fight for what really matters to you. This is called Self-deception.

But why would your mind do so?
This can happen for many reasons but one of the most popular ones is lack of self-confidence. In the Solid Self-confidence program, i said that your mind can find any excuse to prevent you from trying if it believed that you will fail.

In other words, your mind could be trying to fool you with that wrong belief just because it doesn’t want you to try and fail.

Harmony with your own values

Are you in harmony with your own values?
In a previous article about Internal conflict, i said that once you believe that you are violating your values many negative emotions and negative beliefs can kick in.

One of those negative beliefs can be the belief that you don’t deserve to be happy. Even if that violation you made wasn’t big still it can affect your mood and belief system in a great way.

This is why it’s extremely important to work on maintaining self-harmony as much as you can so that you prevent those kinds of beliefs from visiting you.

Do you deserve to be happy

Just take a look around you, there are lots of happy and successful people, are they all angels?

Of course, they are not because in between those happy people there are liars, thieves, terrorists and even war criminals. Why do you think that all of those people are better than you??

If you don’t deserve to feel good or if your life has no meaning then you wouldn’t have been here after all. Even if my logic can’t help you challenge your own limiting beliefs to try using your own logic to challenge them.

The one way to get rid of this belief is to keep challenging it until it weakens. Take a look at the people around and see if all the people who are feeling better than you deserve to feel so.

Watch the news and see what politicians do, read the newspaper and see what others do and if you found yourself the worst person who has ever existed then you may be right about not deserving happiness.

but if you found anything otherwise then know that you were fooled. You are just a victim of a limiting belief.

How limiting beliefs can ruin your life

The problem with limiting beliefs is that they provide an excuse that prevents the person who believes in them from feeling guilty.

Since guilt is a powerful emotion that can motivate a person the absence of it can ruin the person’s life without he even notices.

If you think that you don’t deserve happiness, that you can’t succeed or even that you are not a worthy person then you must take serious actions to combat your limiting beliefs.

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    1. A complete harmony with your true self, and a compassion for others is essential to mental satisfaction, not to material happiness, but true satiation of our forever lost soul, in my opinion.

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  1. A main problem is that people become addicted to self-limiting beliefs, they become the way that we define ourselves, and without them, we sometimes can’t “remember” who we are. If you are addicted to guilt, for instance, you will continually (but perhaps not consciously) create circumstances in which you can feel more guilt. That’s why self-observation is so important. What are you thinking? And who are you pretending to be?

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