”Whatever You Decide To Do Make Sure It Makes You Happy.”

”Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. 
Sometimes in our lives, we are faced to make the right decisions, and we must use our own sets of values when other laws just aren’t capable of pointing us in the right direction. Never compromise the right decisions. Always remember that just because you don’t see anyone around, that being a real hero and a real inspiration requires you to not even think about doing what is right and instead requires you to what is right without even thinking about it.

We all know in our hearts what the right decisions to make are, and we have to always be careful about the things that we act upon because we never know when we are helping to make our own memories or someone else’s memories. Do the right thing, even if it isn’t always the simplest thing to do, remember there is no substitute for doing the right things.


Are you doing something that makes you happy?

A simple question. A tough answer. Are you doing something that makes you happy?

My first instinct: No! How can one ever make a living out of something that makes her/him happy? That’s not possible.

But this isn’t true. I am doing something that makes me happy. Okay, to be fair, I am not making a living out of it yet. Not yet.

So everyone always tells you to do something that makes you happy and apparently I am doing just that. I am working on something that makes me happy. And not just that it inspires me, it fulfills me, it challenges me. But:

Is it easy? No.

Did I have to face my fears? Yes.

Did I have to go against everyone’s opinion? Yes.

Am I sacrificing something at the moment in order to be happy? Yes.

Is it worth doing it? YES YES YES

I decided to follow my heart. To tune inwards and stop listening to everyone around me telling me that not becoming a teacher was basically the worst thing I could ever do. I just stopped listening. Which sound easy, but I am telling ya all, it wasn’t. It was a fight, it still is. I went against so many opinions people had about me. But you know what is always most important? The opinion you have YOURSELF about you! THAT is what matters.
YOU matter!

Forget about life being easy, or perfect for that matter. It isn’t. And I don’t want it to. I mean what would I tell my grandchildren one day? Maybe those words should just be crossed out. Perfect and easy. Don’t exist anymore.

You should do something that makes you happy. And that doesn’t have to mean that you should quit your job just now and go off traveling without money on your bank account. No. But maybe you should start exploring what actually makes you happy. And if you figured that out, do more of it. For instance, when I started university, there were a lot of parties involved. And even if they didn’t involve alcohol, they involved late nights. The day after was usually spent in bed. Doing nothing. Then I started blogging (here‘s my ever first post that a wrote). And I realized how much fun I was having. How happy I was. How I didn’t have time for lazy days. So I quit partying. Not completely, bust mostly. And of course, I had to sacrifice something and allow other feelings to come in. For instance good times with my friends and allowing the feeling of missing out to sneak in. But you know, if you are doing something that makes you happy, others will see that do! And they will understand and they will support you. Because that’s what friends do.

And even now working for Clement, there are certain things I need to sacrifice, but the thing is, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all. And I think that is exactly what shows you that you were doing the right thing. When what you sacrifice doesn’t feel like that at all.







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  1. I feel the path towards finding that can be messy, and zig-zaggy though… it has been for me! Hopefully getting closer though

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