”The World Is Changed By Your Example, Not By Your Opinion. ”


”Stop Trying to Fit In and Start Embracing Your True Self”

At some point in life, you will have to decide for yourself if you want to be true to your nature and live your authentic life or if you want to bend & remold yourself to fit society and the standard of the people within that add no real value or depth to your existence. I’ll start by saying I’ve been guilty of conforming; I’ve pretended to be conventional so I could fit in, I’ve tried to change sometimes so I could blend in community, I’ve once suppressed dreams to appear ‘normal’, I’ve accepted unfavorable situations so I wouldn’t come across as ‘extra’ and I’ve at some point even toned down my appearance for the comfort of others.


I now realize the error in all of that; I’ve learned that anyone that wants you to be a less version of your true self-does not wants you to soar. If someone makes you feel like you’re not ‘normal’ because of who you are then that person is not for you; is there a universal definition of normal? What makes a trait that I have abnormal and the next person’s trait normal? Normal according to whom? A society that chooses to mold you into a replicate of what has always been/the norm is not one that is keen on innovation and growth. Please do not ever limit your growth for others to catch up, own your uniqueness and be the best possible version of yourself. Never shrink yourself and never allow anyone to make you feel like there’s something terribly wrong with you simply because you’re different; it’s ok to be different, embrace it.


I have realized a fact – I’m not for everyone; in the realization of this; I find content. It’s easier to always be myself; understanding that there are people that’ll appreciate my difference and there are some that won’t & that’s perfectly ok.




We all have our ways of thinking and to each and every one of us, our opinions are very important. Yet our individual beliefs impact the world much less than our actions. What we do speaks so much louder than what we say.

Lead by example. Show kindness to others, live in the moment, savor each day’s experiences, offer your support, generosity and expertise, smile, laugh, hug, embrace challenges and above all, be grateful. If we all do rather than say, we can and will have a wonderful ripple effect on the world.

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