Manifestation- “Create Your Own Reality”.


The universe in mans head revealed

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.” “When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”

A great many of my teachings are about how the mind creates the reality you live in. I teach people how to create their own reality. Many spiritual teachers do. The benefits of doing that are obvious. But what I want to talk to you about today is the shadow side of manifestation. The shadow side of “create your own reality”. I want to outline some common pitfalls that we might unintentionally tumble into once we have committed to the path of manifestation. Keep in mind that there is a lot of nuance in spiritual practice.

1. The first pitfall is that once we find out that we can make whatever we want to be true, become true for us, we will actually make true whatever we want to be true for us. We enter the la-la land. That may not at face value sound like such a bad thing. But take a look at the downside to this, if we have not fully questioned WHY we want something to be true, or WHY we want something to happen for us, we could be manifesting directly from our suppressed shadow side. For example, one woman who was an avid manifestation practitioner, but who was also an environmentalist, started dating a man who was an off-roading enthusiast. She loved this man, but the thing that was preventing her from being close to him was that he did not seem to care about harming the environment. He was not open to changing his principal past time so she was in an existential crisis. She decided that to be with him, she needed to have an open mind to off-roading. So she went with him on an off-roading trip. On the trip, they ended up killing a small sapling that was in the middle of one of their steepest routes and they ended up driving over some cryptogamic soil. She was thrown into a guilt spiral. She wanted desperately to be free of guilt. So she began to subconsciously and also consciously manifest proof that what she did wasn’t all that bad. Sure enough, she was a match to a meditation experience where she saw that death must occur for anything that is created and that the destruction of the environment was inevitable because it was created. She began to see proof that by adding to destruction, she was clearing the path for a new creation and that death could not be wrong so inherently, the killing cannot be wrong either. She was right. That is one perspective about destruction. But it is not the only perspective. It is not the only truth. And it is certainly not the full objective truth. She decided to invest further in the past time of off-roading in order to be close to her boyfriend.

Did any of that feel off to you? If the answer is yes, here’s why… You can manifest whatever you want to be true. She wanted it to be true that what she did wasn’t a bad thing. So she manifested proof of it. But the thing to consider is why did she want it to be true? Because A) she wanted to not feel guilty and B) she wanted to be close to her boyfriend. Instead of asking for those two things directly from the universe, she began to manifest justification for something being right that she, in fact, knew felt wrong to her. She was unaware completely of the shadow aspect behind why she wanted it to be ok to go off-roading. The shadow aspect must be COMPLETELY unveiled for a manifestation to actually be completely in alignment. A serial killer can convince himself that by killing women, he is keeping them safe from an even worse fate. He will be able to argue that this is true. He will make it true for himself. But does that make it objectively true? More importantly, is it healthy or in alignment for him to make that thing he wants to have been true, actually be true in his own reality?
Being able to convince yourself of anything is only as good a mental tool as it does. In order to really create well, you need to come out of denial and use the shadow to enhance the light. Use the awareness of what is unwanted to design your perfect life and move towards that instead of trying to change the unwanted into want. We need to question why we want to manifest the reality we want to manifest, especially the shadow reasons. This is how to avoid becoming a serial killer who can justify killing people because, in his reality, he is keeping them safe.

2. The second pitfall is that often when we practice manifestation, we begin to disbelieve in objective truths that we don’t want to have been true for us. We go into a state of denial. For example, many of us don’t want to believe in danger. But the danger exists for people on earth. We may not want to believe that children are sold as sex slaves but they are. We don’t want to believe that there is radiation in the ocean, but there is. We don’t want to believe that the holocaust happened but it did. We don’t want to believe that corporations sway the government, but they do. There are a great many things that exist on earth that are real and objectively true that people don’t want to include in their subjective reality.
Is there an objective truth outside of subjective truth? Yes. Everyone and everything’s subjective truth combined into one big picture is objective truth. To be aware and enlightened, we need to remain open to seeing that truth. Regardless of how tempting it may be, you cannot progress on the spiritual path and live your life inside a bubble reality made for only one. It is a disconnection. We live in a consensus reality. Even though we absolutely can create a reality that is separate from everyone else’s reality, we came here to this consensus reality to co-create, not exempt ourselves from the co-creation. Why might I say the opposite to someone who is in a state of victimization and why might you hear me contradict this last statement while talking to someone in the future by telling them to “create your own reality without caring what is objectively true?” I might do that because they are currently thinking they have no hand in creating reality. They are powerless. But that is not where the truth ends.
Ask yourself these questions, is it a virtue to disconnect from the consensus reality to the degree that you are not even experiencing the same things as anyone else? How do we maintain a view of objective reality while living in our own subjective realities? Last week, I was over at someone’s house and I saw multiple low vibrational beings there, feeding off of someone’s energy field. But the owner of the house is a positive focus junkie who is unaware of the suppressed shadow aspects of himself. Because of his ‘everything is awesome’ vibration, he could not perceive them. The fact that he couldn’t perceive them does not mean that they weren’t there. It just means that he could not perceive them being there.

You could ask why it is important to see what is there if it is unpleasant. I will tell you that awareness is the answer. Consciousness is the answer. When we discovered enlightenment and discovered how to create our own reality and started teaching it to each other, we did not mean create your own reality by willingly becoming ignorant. I will tell you that it is important to open up and become aware enough to see all of what is there the FULL picture. Not just half of the picture. Not just the light half and not just the dark half. What causes many of us pain is that our eyes are closed to the light half. Not that they see the dark half. Likewise, what causes many of us pain is that our eyes are closed to the dark half, not that we see the light half.
We need to expand on the idea that ‘create your own reality’ can lead us into the pitfall of denial. Mankind is one of the species on earth that is the most objectively self-aware. This has its upsides and its downsides. One upside is, with such a strong sense of “self”, enlightenment is often realized in human form. One downside is, with such a strong sense of self, there is strong motivation to have a positive sense of self and world, this means anything about the self or world that is perceived as negative is often denied.
The human consciousness becomes unaware of what is negative because the human consciousness has developed many beliefs which have made negative not ok. When we make something “not ok” we cannot admit to its existence. We must think we are good to such a degree that we cannot open up our vision wide enough to recognize aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment. Denial prevents us from moving forward as a species because we cannot even admit to what there is to transform. Denial is so much a part of the human consciousness since our species gained the ability to objectively conceptualize identity, that denial is now a self-preservation function of the human brain. Denial is a defense mechanism. It is fascinating to me (when I am not directly suffering because of it) that human consciousness tries to protect itself from itself.
Why are we unable to admit to an obvious truth we see? I suppose I should say, why, (when we are in denial) is obvious truth not obvious to us? Denial allows the ego to protect itself from things that the ego is convinced it cannot cope with. For example, if we are attached to the idea of being the best mother, we usually develop extreme resistance to the idea of not being a good mother. We feel as if we cannot cope with the possibility that we are not a good mother. This is where denial kicks in. The ego protects you from objectively seeing yourself because of the potential for pain. It sweeps the times you were a “bad mother” under the rug and only allows you to selectively remember the times when you were a “good mother”. You have stopped seeing the truth of yourself objectively. Your reality now consists only of what you want to believe. You have whitewashed over everything unsightly. A great many manifestation experts would tell you “good because your reality should only consist of what you want to believe is true”. I do not agree. I think your reality should consist of things you want to make true for yourself and beliefs that work for you whilst being acutely aware that other equal truths do exist in this world.

Many of our spiritual practices are in fact not spiritual practices, they are excuses not to see or feel certain things that down deep we are afraid to exist or are true. We call this spiritual bypassing, which is the next pitfall. A selective focus for the purpose of manifestation is not the same thing as denial. But the selective focus for the purpose of manifestation serves as a very good excuse to go into a state of denial. You do not have to deny something to validate something else.
Denial is not only about a flat-out rejection of an evident truth. It is also about minimizing the importance of something that is already evidently true in your reality. If we are bypassing by denying or suppressing something, it means we are resisting something. So by encouraging someone to bypass, deny or suppress, we encourage them to resist. We need to allow and explore whatever we feel the need to deny, even if it is just a possibility. The longer we are in denial, the harder it is to come out of it. It is possible to positively focus on something without denying the negative.
The rule of thumb is that if we have extreme resistance to the idea of something being true, we are probably in denial about something. And the more committed we are to AVOIDING our painful emotions, the more in denial we will be. We need to practice non-aversion.
A very common thing to see in the manifestation community is people putting a positive spin on everything. While doing that can help you to see the full picture, and discover the more objective truth behind what happened to us (and thus not get stuck in negativity), the positive focus should not be used to avoid or whitewash over the negative side of the picture. When we do this, we are using positive focus as an analgesic. This is symptom relief, not real and lasting change. Our car broke down because we were supposed to see the pretty sunrise. We are smoking pot because it expands our consciousness. We are proud that our friend stabbed us in the back because she was getting her suppressed anger out. Our mother was a good mom to have because her addictions helped us to find out who we really are. We ignored our own intuition about going somewhere dangerous because we were the hero that was meant to ward off the bad guy. There is a very big difference between creating the kind of world we would prefer (which involves admitting to the full truth of how the world is currently for us) and covering a murder scene with yellow paint so it does not feel so bad. Are you manifesting an improved world for yourself and others? Or are you manifesting yellow paint?
3. The third pitfall is spiritual bypassing. Spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. Never has a spiritual belief system been invented that opens the door to spiritual bypassing wider than ‘you create your own reality’.


4. The fourth pitfall is that Manifestation allows you to step into a judgmental state that is void of empathy and compassion because you have convinced yourself that people bring painful experiences onto themselves. I’m not going to go easy on this one. How many times have you heard the following… “They brought on their cancer. They are choosing to be depressed and focus negatively. They created poverty. They could just as easily change their mind and create something different”. It is easy to convince yourself that people either want to experience the painful things they are experiencing or that they are ignorant of creating their own reality and that’s why they are experiencing painful things. This is a disconnection in and of itself from others. And a kind of piousness. Just because someone was a match for cancer because of thoughts or childhood pain, doesn’t mean they deserve cancer and doesn’t mean that the cancer is not real. It also does not mean that they are deliberately consciously choosing it. Much of what occurs in people occurs subconsciously and to act like it is just a matter of attachment to pain or stubbornness or ignorance that makes someone create negative experiences in their reality, makes it feel terrible to spend time around you. Just because you know that you can create your own subjective reality that feels good to you all the time, does not mean that others (who do not currently know that or who have not perfected that art) are less evolved or less spiritual or are choosing to be attached to their pain and egos. In other words, the fourth pitfall is the risk of invalidating people, trivializing people’s experiences and losing compassion by becoming egotistical and holier than thou more manifest.
5. The fifth pitfall of manifestation is the avoidance of negativity. Once people learn that they create their own reality, the very next step people take is to avoid all things negative. You can’t think it if it’s negative, you can’t look at it if it’s negative, you can’t acknowledge it if it’s negative, you can’t do it if it’s negative or else you will create negative things in your reality. When we teach people to use their emotional guidance system by following their joy, people do set themselves free to create the reality that they envision. But the trap of this particular path is that all other emotions become “unacceptable” and one runs from unacceptable feelings.
Denial keeps these unacceptable feelings out of one’s consciousness. While our emotions are a guidance system, they are absolutely not guiding us to avoid all things negative. Suppression and denial of the negative abound as a result of creating your own reality. We avoid our entire shadow side. You don’t need me to tell you just how dangerous that is. Suppression and denial will do nothing but make your shadow larger and make it manifest even more intensely externally, regardless of how aware or unaware you may be of those manifestations.

6. The sixth pitfall is that critical thinking (not to be confused with criticism) goes right out the window. The baby goes out with the bathwater. Critical thinking is the act of awakening the intellect to the study of itself. It is an open-minded stance. Critical thinking allows us to see multiple viewpoints before deciding what is actually in alignment to manifest. Many manifestation gurus are directly opposed to critical thinking. But the reason they are opposed to it is that you can and will manifest proof for anything you believe and then call it reasonable proof or reasonable thinking. But I happen to be of the opinion that our capacity for critical thinking actually makes us better at manifesting. It means we can develop awareness of all viewpoints before deciding a course of action in terms of creation. The more information we have, the better decisions we make. The more awareness we have, the better chance that our manifestations will be in alignment manifestations instead of out of alignment manifestations.
7. The seventh pitfall is never being able to access the present moment. If we are always focused on creation, we are never in a state of stillness and peace. We never really truly experience the now-ness of life or how the now-ness of life feels. We are never really present with ourselves. When we are using the unwanted to move towards the wanted, we are in a state of perpetual movement, always after the next best thing. This can be a kind of suffering in and of itself. It also makes it so you cannot fully be present with someone else unconditionally as they are right here and now so it can be a barrier to intimacy. If we are living only for what is coming and if we are living in our own LaLa land, we cannot really connect with other people. We can potentially even manifest a reality where we cannot really relate to them and they cannot really relate to us.
We need to practice present moment mindfulness and embracing what is, along with manifestation. We need to stop using manifestation to avoid the current state of ourselves and instead join ourselves in the now with our own unconditional presence. , Even the most exquisite spiritual methodologies can become traps of unconsciousness. You are practicing the art of manifestation. It is a practice that is full of nuances and complimentary contradictories. As frustrating as it is to navigate that minefield with no real solid truth to hold on to, it is an art form that brings you back to the awareness of being the infinite creator and teaches you to sculpt reality itself.

If you are interested in expanding on this concept, please check the link below:-


”Everything in the Universe is Within You”


”Everything in the Universe is Within You”


Every state is in me. In this sense, the universe is within oneself. But it goes beyond that. “Everything perishes in His Face” — this means basically that everything is within the Divine. If the Divine and the self is one, then everything is within oneself.

It has been said we dwell in an infinite sea of energy. We are energy beings first and physical beings secondarily. Those of us who strive to be conscious of our true selves and of the true nature of the universe has the ability to become clear of the blockages and distortions in our energy field that prevent us from experiencing our Beingness.

The clearer our field becomes, the abler we are to tap into infinite guidance from many levels of existence within us and reaching far outside of us.? There are many ways our fields become distorted and blocked, EMF and wifi being among them.

The Pulsors have an activity in subtle energy fields that is literally able to change and amplify the vibrations of people and environments making it possible to clear away distortions and blockages preventing us from experiencing the fullness of who we are.


Why the Universe Within You is So Important:-

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it… does it make a sound?

Sound waves are emitted, yes. But there’s no actual sound.

That’s because the sound is something that is heard by ears (or some other recording device). It’s when a nervous system recognizes sound waves, that actual “sound” is real.

The sound is something co-created by external sound waves out there, and a person’s internal nervous system. It doesn’t just come from out there; it comes from within you too.


Reality comes from within you:-

As the brain-body co-creates reality. Something is only real to you when you can experience it through your physical senses. Reality isn’t something that objectively exists “out there.”


Reality is created from within you:-

Take color perception for example. Colors aren’t “out there” in the world. It’s light waves that exist out there. It’s light waves that enter your eyes, to then stimulate cells in your brain to “see” certain colors depending on what wavelengths come through.

It’s the same principle as the tree falling in the empty forest. Sound doesn’t come from the tree (only sound waves do).

The sound is inseparable from the experience of the brain perceiving/hearing those sound waves. Color is inseparable from the experience of the brain perceiving/seeing those light waves.



Pay attention to how you co-create your reality from within:-

When trying to lead happier and healthier lives, people get hung up on the reality “out there.”

They try to control their environment, control their future, control what others do, and what people around them think and feel. But they’re looking to change their reality in the wrong way.

To change your reality for the better, you have to pay attention to how you co-create your reality – from within.

You have to be mindful of your personal narrative, your beliefs, and attitudes, all of your emotions, and your assumptions and expectations about the world and your place it.

Because first of all, you can’t always change external things no matter how hard you try. You can only choose your responses to life.

And secondly, if you ignore what’s going on inside of you, you won’t be able to choose your responses to life in sensible ways. Because what’s going on inside of you — guides how you behave.

You have to know what’s going on in your inner universe if you are to gain any bearings in life at all. If you are to even think about creating your life as a mindful construct.

The universe within you — which is made up of your personal narrative, cognitive networks, personal constructs, and so on — shapes the way you experience and the way you perceive and interpret that experience. Meaning it co-creates your life experience. one way to be more mindful of your personal narrative, your beliefs and attitudes, all of your emotions, and your assumptions and expectations about the world and your place in it — is to start capturing it through writing (audio recordings work too).

Now, if you’re really sharp at this, you can start to notice these things in your daily conversations just by paying closer attention to what you say to others and why. But that’s big league stuff, it’s easier to start out with just you alone.

In capturing your “raw” thoughts and feelings through writing, you can look to them as clues for what’s really going on inside your head. You can also view them in a concrete way, which is really important.

”The Concept Of Multiverse”

”Most sets of values would give rise to universes that, although they might be very beautiful, would contain no one able to wonder at that beauty.”


Stephen Hawking

What greater mystery is there than what is beyond our visible universe, and then beyond the universe of universes, often called the multiverse? It is too easy to abandon hope for even partial enlightenment, when the lesser can never fully know the greater, and when induction and deduction have their limits. It is way too easy to just say that God is above it all, remembering that to evoke “God above it all” is to invite the spectre of infinite regression, where there is no beginning. If God created or designed the universe, then who or what created God, even if the gods are outside our concept of time? Are we “divine” with or without a divinity; and just what is divine? It’s all a seeming mystery.

Because I am a philosopher of physics, cursed by endless curiosity, I have found three tools to have a go at this greatest puzzle:

Genesis 1-11:-Where it states that mankind is created in “the image” of God, it is meant that humans have value and virtue beyond just being created. Humans (and soon, comphumans) share in the creative “god essence.” We are both created and creative. Our creator could be divinity, directly or indirectly; or simply the great collection of matter and energy surrounding our lives. Our mind’s eye can envision beyond what the eye sees. However, the price for this gift is ultimate to admit that there are sharp limits to what we can comfortably know, even while there are few limits to logical speculation.

Because we humans have a godlike ability to envision that which is beyond our telescopes and microscopes, then we may glimpse aspects of the multiverse. The multiverse, as I see it, is a collection of bubble-like “big-bang” universes at various ages, with a lot of “filler” among and within the boundaries of these bubbles. However, they all form one interpenetrating community with a common external boundary.

We live inside one of those bubbles. Our visible universe is mostly confined inside the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Interestingly, there are ways to look at the CMB and detect “something” beyond.


Systems theory:-All theories of dynamic reality are ultimately system theories. There is no way to be an astronomer without understanding systems, and systems of systems. There is no way to be a scientist or historian of any kind without embracing this fundamental feedback framework. Even pure mathematical theories exist within a logical system of their own design.

More important for our search herein is understanding how all the physical systems within the multiverse interpenetrate to produce a true multiverse, not just a community of adjacent bubbles.


The fundamental force:-As explained in the Cosmological Fallacies essay (referenced above), the so-called four basic forces are actually variations on one force: gravity.

The strong nuclear force gravitationally holds together atoms, just as all other baryonic and dark matter is mutually attractive. In other words, the one unifying force presents us with a Theory of Everything, or a Grand Unified Theory. The holy grail of physics is easily comprehended within our divine brain. Einstein’s barmaid could understand this.


HOW IT ALL COMES TOGETHER:-The local universe in which we live is primarily expressed by the residue of its big bang. Even though there are likely many residual elements within our bubble space from previous big-bang universes (black holes, ancient dwarf and failed stars, and much dark matter), the residuum of universes past does not define our bubble. Our bubble has a kinetic boundary, in front of which is visually the CMB. Beyond that boundary is where the “fun” begins.

It is tempting to fill the void in our knowledge with belief fantasies featuring all levels of divinity (from intimate to designing and deistic), usually in some anthropomorphic form. I prefer to stick with scientific parsimony. So it is that the clear limits of “all that is” are unknowable to us forever. We will never be able to count the number of bubble universes within the multiverse. Still, we can look at the multiverse from within the new physics, and thereby say something about its boundary and what is beyond.

The idea of intelligent design is facilitated by many physics variables. Multiple variables can make Drake’s Formula less likely to predict a nearby intelligent life form with which we can communicate. With few physics variables, such as the amazingly powerful formula for gravity, there may be less need for divine guidance to make sense of the cosmos. Nevertheless, even if all physical existence were refined to one physics variable, there would still be some logical room for divine guidance or design which we can never define.

Energy tends to be random until it is influenced by other energy. It is fair to hypothesize that by using multiverse gravity flows we can glimpse the shape of the multiverse at all levels from nano to cosmo. Let us start with the odd relationship between photons and gravitons:

Photons “go out” from their individual atomic sources, but they also “come in” to us from many sources. For example, photons go out from the Sun and come to us as sunlight. Meanwhile, we are also under the influence of photons and gravitons from a myriad of other celestial sources. It is commonly thought that photons are without mass, but this is not so. Gravitational lenses show light is influenced by matter. The equivalency of matter and energy is everywhere.


It is thought that other universes may have physics different from ours. For example, “antimatter” could dominate in another universe; and our flavour of “matter” could out there be as rare as antimatter within our universe. Antimatter is just mattered with reversed polarity, so that when matter and antimatter particles interact they mutually annihilate. Nice, but this has little to do with overall gravity.

Even dark matter interacts with matter through gravity. It is through the gravitational effects of dark matter on visible matter, such as galaxies and their clusters, that we can indirectly “see” dark matter. Gravity also works at the smallest known dimensions, being the universal force, though it is given other names, such as the strong and weak nuclear forces.

Feedback is the essence of every system. Without feedback, there is eventual chaos, as negentropy (order) devolves into stable entropy (chaos). The multiverse has gravitational feedback which determines the shape of the multiverse itself. Consider how the minor planet Ceres is round, but smaller asteroids are irregular in shape. That is because Ceres has enough mass for its gravity to pull everything into the most efficient shape, a sphere. Old elliptical galaxies tend to form rounded shapes. Billions of years henceforth the combined Milkomeda galaxy likely may express itself as elliptical, not spiral.

Dark energy is a misnomer for the increasing gravitational attraction of matter toward the boundary of our bubble. Gravitons from outside affect our universe because they are by chance crossing through our universe from one side to exit on the other side. They coexist with gravitons inside our universe that tend to push things toward our many gravitational centres, due to myriad manifestations of curved space as Einstein saw it. The overall distribution of forces within our bubble shifts from inward to outward approximately five billion light years from us. The rate of acceleration away from our centre increases as galaxies and other matter approaches the boundary of our visible universe, and approach what is beyond.

It has been suggested that the community of bubbles continues outward infinitely, so why bother with further analysis. However, nobody has ever demonstrated how such infinitude must be so. On the other hand, the second law of thermodynamics would indicate that ultimate entropy is not yet here. Therefore, I feel it is fair to continue with a negentropic analysis, given the universal force operating within systems theory.

The multiverse reveals itself as an organized whole of lesser wholes. Its rounded boundary would appear from an omniscient perspective as a slightly bumpy ball. The number of constituent universes at the boundary determines the “bumpiness” of the multiverse, with the relative size of the “bumps” being inversely related to their number.

Phenomena will be extremely dynamic within the defined outer barrier. That is because the outer level of universes will be kicking out photons and gravitons that have nowhere to go beyond where there is nearby matter. They will be attracted back to the extremely massive multiverse. It’s like shooting a gun on Earth vertically. The bullet rises only as long as its initial kinetic energy exceeds the local force of gravity; and then it falls down toward the centre of Earth, increasing it’s kinetic energy in the return direction.

What is beyond the multiverse? It is fair to assume that there is chaotic hyperluminal energy beyond. Photons do not start fast enough to escape the universe of universes. At the same time, the region of chaotic energy is not as strong near the multiverse as it is farther away. Some of the nearby random particles are attracted to the multiverse as if it were a black hole. Thus, there is a gradient outward to where chaos is maximized and entropy stabilizes.


Another view of gravitons is that they may be nearly, but not totally, massless, with less mass than new photons. If so, then they could achieve hyperluminal velocities from any frame of reference. There is nothing about the multiverse that prohibits most gravitons, often expressed in our bubble as gravity waves, from flowing through the multiverse itself. Some small portion of these gravitons is captured by our gravity fields, both macroscopic and microscopic. In this way, the myriad of gravitons mediates between the multiverse and the chaotic beyond. They provide the universality of energy and matter defined by the one force, gravity.

Beyond our concepts of dimensions is the truly unknown. Are there gods so distant, yet omnipresent, or merely a physical chaos we shall never fully comprehend? If there are real gods relating to us out there, they are surely different from the jealous, local tribal gods of human antiquity.

”Are Your Thoughts Causing Ripples In This Universe”


”The idea that everything is purposeful really changes the way you live. To think that everything that you do has a ripple effect, that every word that you speak, every action that you make affects other people and the planet.”

The ‘Thought’ is the most vital, subtle and irresistible force that exists in the universe. ‘Thought’ is a living thing, a very creative and dynamic force.


We have the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind gathers knowledge and experience through the senses. It reasons and forms conclusions based on logic. Finally, thoughts pass down into the subconscious mind. This mind is the seat of action, memory and instinct. It is a reservoir of tremendous and extraordinary power. The interesting thing about this mind is that it acts entirely upon suggestions. It follows, blindly and faithfully, the thoughts that are sent down to it. The human mind does not differentiate between real and imaginary experiences and accepts both as real.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”


The law of cause and effect:-

the law of cause and effect is a universal law which specifically states that every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what.

Every single effect within our world, upon our earth, has a cause, an original starting point.

All paths have an original first step and from that first step comes a chain reaction of events with further offshoots spanning out in all directions and so on duplication and replication takes place.

All your thoughts and your human behaviour and all your movements affect the entire universe according to the law of cause and effect.

Every single item within the universe is relative and that nothing is separate. Therefore if you move your hand, you are moving this space which surrounds it and that space is connected to all space within the infinite universe.

Therefore all inanimate objects of the universe are all connected within the same space and occupy that exact same space or mind, there is no separation and so if you move your hand, you’re moving the space which is connected to all things.

Although for some people, this may take some getting your head around the idea or concept, it is however true. Everything that exists within the universe has always existed in one form or another or in other words, in its chemical or microscopic form and all things arise from this.


Human thought creates a movement no matter how minute it is unless you are deliberately staying still but even then the movement will follow.

All thoughts lead to movements or human behaviour and all movement and behaviour lead to further thoughts.

A movement or an action cannot take place without its original thought or its preceding thought. Any movement is the result of a thought.

We are all governed by a chain reaction of events from a cause. We are all subject to the universal law of cause and effect or effect and cause.

Once you set off movement or behaviour into the world, it will have a continuing ripple and it will keep travelling and having a knock-on effect way beyond your awareness and beyond your understanding of such a thing.

It is also said in metaphysics that all ripples that transfer outwards will have to return back to the source, the source being you or the human that created it in any lifetime.

According to the universal law of cause and effect, there is nothing that happens by random chance, nothing whatsoever.

All output or actions have consequences and these consequences are either good or bad and may cause positive or negative influence or effect on yourself or others, hence the saying we reap what we sow.

According to our cosmic law of cause and effect, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action, as a result of thoughts or that action derived from.

All human thoughts which lead to words and expressions or output and consequently behaviour onto others create a ripple or a wave and this can be called energy whether you believe it or not.

And this includes whether you believe in religion or not or believe in a God or not.

If you drop a bouncing ball you will see the law of cause and effect take place right before your eyes.

There are many unseen chains or effects which resonate within this entire realm and this may travel further to more supple realms of existence or finer ones.

It is also said in many eastern or philosophical practices such as Buddhism or Hinduism that you as the being that generated or sent out the action into the universe will receive its consequences or its effect in one form or another and that you will never be able to escape the effect of your actions in time.

Therefore, it is specifically the intention that lies behind the action that is of greatest concern. If you are considered a good person and you inadvertently or accidentally caused an unintentional action which causes suffering and harm or death to another then this is not going to be consequential for you as it would be if you had deliberately caused the same action for satisfaction or revenge or pleasure and so on.

It is the intention behind the action that matters otherwise known as Karma.

All causes will have an effect on everything and anything within the universe which will then lead to further causes of other things and so the replication or chain reaction of events continues infinitely.


According to this law, there is no such thing as luck there is only action returning to its source in the form of an effect.

If this is of any concern to you then the best course of action is to generate good simple actions, behaviours and thoughts which will create good fruit and sow further good seeds for the future.

”Cosmic Or Universal Consciousness”


“Enlightenment is living in the light of cosmic collaboration.”

To see consciousness in its purity is to experience what is called universal consciousness (Ed: ie, cosmic consciousness), to experience the mind as pure consciousness. When you experience the mind as consciousness, it is also knowingness, the very element of knowledge. Either the individual consciousness has to go through the ego dying and then be reborn as universal consciousness as we have described, or individual consciousness must expand to become universal consciousness. It is as if space experiences space, rather than someone experiencing space, and it is limitless. It is difficult to describe what universal consciousness or what the mind as consciousness means because there are no thoughts in it. The moment there are thoughts, the content separates you from the consciousness.

The Universal Conscious mind, by some called the super-Consciousness or Universal Consciousness, is a very important concept to grasp. It is that awareness that exists within each and every Soul.

It is the pattern imprinted on the mind, waiting to be awakened by the free will, of the awareness of Soul’s oneness with the Creator.

This awareness is ingrained, or pre-built into the mind, and when awakened by the right use of free will, the person realizes his oneness with the Universal mind.

conscious_universe720_01This Universal Consciousness, works something like an instinct? It is already there inside us; it just takes the right stimulus to bring it out. It is the same with the Universal Consciousness.

The Universal Conscious mind in all of us is the portion made in the image of the creator, as recorded in Genesis. It is that portion of us that is God or godlike.

The Universal Conscious mind is separate from anything earthly, and only makes its presence known or is knowable when the Soul-self lifts itself and portions of the conscious mind up into the vast, expansive level that is the super-conscious.

If we want to awaken the imprinted pattern of that awareness, we just need the right stimulus. In this case, the right stimulus is the application of our free will in a specific way, by being unselfishly loving. And this is what is so hard for most people.

This is what we want from and expect of other people, but we seldom like to do it ourselves.

tumblr_ogywf3gP2E1sypuuko1_400The Universal Consciousness is a Soul pattern that exists within each soul because all Souls, including the Christ Soul, were created in the same mold. The Christ Consciousness, incidentally, was created as a pattern for all others.

The Christ Soul never forget its oneness with the creator, yet voluntarily went through cycles of incarnations and got lost in materialism. It did this to be able to consciously find its way back to a conscious relationship with the Creator.


A soul is the developing portion of our whole nature. It is ever changing, growing and learning, and uses free will to explore, create, test, discover and more. The soul is the ultimate companion to the creator, a true companion because it has the free will to choose whether to be a companion or not.

The Soul is also uniquely able to bridge the gulf between the spiritual realms and the physical realms, between our divine, godly self and our earthly self-consciousness. The mind of the Soul is the subconscious.


It may operate independently of the Universal Consciousness of the Creator. (At least, it is allowed to think it does. After all, there is no way to actually be outside of the whole.)

Or, it may act in harmony and conscious at-oneness with the Universal Consciousness.

“Electric Universe”


”If a special geometry has to be invented in order to account for a falling apple, even Newton might be appalled at the complications which would ensue when really difficult problems are tackled.”

Electricity in the Universe has been identified from beneath our feet, in animals and plants, our biosphere, and out to the furthest reaches of the Universe. In general, electricity is present wherever we find plasma, and since 99.999% of the visible universe is in the plasma state, magnetic field and electric currents are nearly everywhere.

They call themselves The Thunderbolts Project.


They subscribe to an idea called “electric universe,” and sometimes describe themselves as “getting EU eyes.” Like slipping on rose-colored glasses, the conversion changes their perception of the entire universe. The objects and events remain the same. But they’re tinged with truth. And in EU theory, the truth is that electricity rules.

Electric currents that flow along plasma filaments shape and power galaxies. The currents stream into stars, powering them like fluorescent bulbs. They induce the births of planets. Craters on those planets come from electrical arcs, like lightning bolts, that sear the surfaces.

Also, black holes don’t exist, and neither does dark matter. Nor dark energy.

The Big Bang? Never happened.

Einstein’s two relativities are laughable fiction.

Electricity can explain away all that stuff.


The electric universe concept does not meet the “theory,” which is “a comprehensive explanation of some aspect of nature that is supported by a vast body of evidence” and “can be used to make predictions about natural events or phenomena that have not yet been observed.”

In physics, theories need math. That’s how you predict, gather evidence, verify, disprove, and support. But EU theory isn’t big in math. In fact, “Mathematics is not physics,” While that equation aversion makes the theory pretty much a non-starter for “mainstream” astronomers, it is the exact thing that appeals to many adherents.

“What doesn’t seem to vary is the dissident psychology behind the involvement.”


The Electric Universe theory is interdisciplinary, integrating and supporting subject as diverse as the science (astronomy, geology, physics), with the soft sciences such as ancient history and comparative mythology.

“People say to me that it has changed their lives because it makes sense for them,” “And because it is a real cosmology, there is something for everyone, be they scholar, artist, engineer, or the ‘man on the street.'”

“At best, the ‘electric universe’ is a solution in search of a problem; it seeks to explain things we already understand very well through gravity, plasma, and nuclear physics, “At worst it’s sheer crackpottery like homeopathy and astrology, making claims clearly contradicted by the evidence.”

Yet something about it sparks fervor in the hearts of people-on-the-street, more fervor than casual believers in the Big Bang has. Despite the gaps, logical fallacies, and evidence to its contrary, EU appeals deeply to adherents, lighting a fire, not unlike a tent revival does.

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''The Universe And Its Secrets''

“All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.” –Rudolf St

For millennia, humans have looked to the heavens for answers about the cosmos.Reiner And one of the main reasons I write what I do for all of you is to help give you — as I’ve said many times — is an awareness and an appreciation for what we’ve learned, what we think we know, and how we think we know it.

But then I thought, what an opportunity this is, to remind people that these are problems we actually know something about! Let’s take a look.

1.) What happened before the Big Bang?

We know this; and if you’ve been reading the articles here, you know this: inflation! It not only sets up all the initial conditions we need for the Big Bang, it also gives us the seeds for all the cosmic structure we see in our Universe today!

Now, we don’t exactly think inflation is the entire story; it is, mathematically, incomplete, which means we think something must have caused it. At this point, though, everything you hear about it — colliding braneworlds, a cyclic Universe, a rejuvenated Universe, etc. — is speculation, and nothing more. Some models have been falsified while others have not (and some can not), but hey! We know what came before the Big Bang!

What about the second one?

2.) What is the universe made of?

This changes over time, but we know it in extraordinary detail! In fact, all of our observations — of large-scale structure, of clusters, galaxies, of the leftover radiation from the big bang, of the Lyman-alpha forest, of gravitational lensing, of the primordial elements — all point to the same picture: a Universe that is, today,

  • 72% dark energy,
  • 23% dark matter,
  • 4.6% normal atoms, and
  • just under 0.01% radiation.

These relative percentages were different in the past, and the best precision measurements come from the fluctuations in temperature from the cosmic microwave background.

Now, that isn’t to say that we know what dark matter or dark energy is. In fact, there was a paper that came out today from one of the leading teams searching for dark matter.But astrophysically, we know they’re there. Figuring out what causes them/what they are will be one of the great challenges for the 21st century.

3.) Is there a theory of everything?

Fair enough; this one’s a secret. Lots of people think that at a high enough energy, all four of the fundamental forces — gravity, electromagnetism, the weak force (which makes radioactive decays), and the strong force (holds nuclei together) — unify together and are really just the same force! Now, this may not be true. Although electromagnetism and the weak force unify, no one is certain that the strong force does.

If it does unify, weird things will happen in the Universe. What do I mean, weird?

Well, for one, the proton will decay, and be fundamentally unstable! No such thing has been observed, and so we think that perhaps the strong force doesn’t unify. String theory — that you’ve heard so much about — is predicated on the assumption that all four of these forces (including gravity) unify at an even higher energy: the string scale. Such a theory is possible, but again, no evidence for it, and plenty of evidence thus far (no SUSY, stable protons, no flavor-changing neutral currents, etc.) against it. But we don’t know how this will turn out. Perhaps the four fundamental forces are connected in a unified way, perhaps not. The idea is attractive but uncertain.

4.) Are space and time fundamental?

Well, this one’s easy: no. At least, not at a quantum level. Because “position” isn’t even a definitive quantity. Neither, for that matter, is “time”. Sean Carroll has discussed this at length, and as long as when you say fundamental, you mean an irreducible, quantifiable and measurable property of every part of the Universe, I think we can safely say no, space and time are not fundamental.

5.) What is the fate of the universe?

Ice. Definitely ice, frosty. It’s dark energy that tells us this is our fate:

  • The expansion of the Universe will accelerate, and everything that isn’t gravitationally bound to us will speed away, and eventually red out, leaving our observable Universe.
  • Everything that is bound to us — which is our local group, including our galaxy, Andromeda, and a few smaller, satellite galaxies like the Triangulum galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds — will continue to form stars, go through the life-and-death cycle, until all the fuel for stars is used up.
  • After trillions of years, everything will contract and cool, leaving us with some stellar corpses and dead rocks. Eventually, gravitational interactions will force these things to fly apart from one another, as even the giant galaxy we will become will decay.
  • And then, perhaps, if the grand unified theories are correct, even the protons making up the atoms will decay away, leaving us with nothing except a cold bath of radiation.

Inspiring! Well, if not a little macabre. But look at all we know! There are still plenty of things to learn, but I’m much more amazed at how far we’ve already come. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!